This year, when you explore the Lyon County Fair, you may discover some interesting exhibits and entertainment options. 

One Man Band

Gary Froiland records his own background music with other instruments such as bass, fiddle, dobro and mandolin, so the sound is that of a full band. Each show includes a number on the musical saw, and sometimes he includes a song on his musical cowboy hat!

Silly Miss Tilly

She is a children’s entertainer, a balloon artist a musician and a real party starter don’t miss this super fun event at the Lyon County Fair.

Swifty Swine

If you've never been to a pig race, you're in for a real treat! Swifty and his friends don't do it for the money, what they really want is that Oreo cookie, waiting on a silver platter at the finish line! Be sure to get there early to get a good seat!

Swifty Swine

Ralco Enrichment Center the Lyon County Fair empowers consumers to value today’s agriculture. The center showcases modern agriculture practices, communicates a commitment to stewardship and natural resources and demonstrates wholesome, safe food production.



John Beatty Strength Shows combines Vaudevillian feats of strength such as tearing decks of cards and driving nails with his hand with World's Strongest Man events like lifting a 300 lb anvil one-handed or lifting up to a dozen kids at once! John has performed hundres of incredible shows all over the world. John has so many different feats that he changes the feat of each daily show! You'll want to see more than one of these amazing displays of strength!

Pedal Pull

Saturday 10 am A Pedal Tractor Pull is an event that has a magical effect on children and families. Years ago it would be a large pedal toy tractor hooked to a block or skid with a pile of weight on it. the idea has always been to pull it the farthest.


Champions Forever

Are you ready to be inspired? Finalists on America's Got Talent, Bruce and Diane, along with their family of 12 children, have been using their Spin-tacular Basketball Show to entertain and share a message of HOPE to this generation in over 40 countries.

Baton Twirlers

Kayko Studios is Marshall's ONLY Baton Twirling and Dance Studio. Led by Kayleigh Kontz who followed her passion as a baton twirler through competing competitively, traveling internationally and is now sharing her skills through teaching. Show your support as her students entertain you with their exciting show.

Kayko Studio

The Wheels of Agriculture - Brought to you by Ralco

The Wheels of Agriculture is an audience interactive game show which takes place on a stage. The format is trivia based game play in which the person who can answer a randomly selected question gains points. The questions are primarily agricultural based and include topics such as: Local Agriculture, Animals, Plants, Food Groups, Farm and barnyard, music and other sounds.

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