One downside of this is that not all functions are labeled. Required fields are marked *. Neither of the two has internal recording function. We’ll discuss that in the feature section of this review. The Yamaha P45 features 10 inbuilt voices for you to choose from for a great experience. You can fine tune the sound by changing the reverb setting, which you will need to have the user Manuel at hand. This is the area where you can see the old age of this model. Instead, these plastic keys are shiny and could cause slipping in a long practice session. Duo sensor makes it hard to play repeated note fast and with control. The GHS weighted key action provides you with lighter high-end keys and heavier low-end keys, just like the acoustic piano. El precio es bastante competitivo comparado con las tiendas locales y aplica para prime, así que no hay costos de envío. But it’s still easy on the eyes with a simple and ‘get to the point’ exterior. Unlike the foot-switch with the P45, the Korg B1 gives you a proper piano pedal with half pedaling support. The effect though is quite satisfactory and significant. However, the digital piano is designed mainly for beginners, students, and partly for home-based pianists who play the piano just as a hobby. The split mode allows you to split the keyboard into two: the lower end and the higher end so that you have two sounds, one on the lower end and the other on the upper end. If you plan to perform on stage or for your family and friends at home, you will want to connect the P45 to a speaker system or studio monitors. Basically, it’s a strip down version of their popular FP-30. The USB to Host port allows you to connect different devices to the piano including computers and mobile phones. Yes, the Casio PX-160 is a little bit more expensive then the Yamaha P45. And if you happen to have some experience with the Yamaha P45, please share with us in the comment below. However, if you want to progress then you need to make sure that you have a digital piano that meets your needs. It’s super easy to put on and take off from the piano. The product package of this digital piano consists of all that you need to get started, including 10 sounds, 64-note polyphony, headphones, and the piano itself. Key action with two sensors means that it has longer travel distance for the key to make a sound when repeating. There are two piano sound on the Yamaha P45. ©2020 DIGITAL PIANO , All Rights Reserved. Dual is an adjective meaning “with two kinds of”. There is no other color you can choose for this particular model. I have to say, the Roland FP-10 performs better in both area compare to the P45. After putting it on, the stand stays in place with minimal wobble. Both downsides are unlikely to impact beginners. Quality of their sound engines are also on bar with each other. Get a portable and valuable digital piano that will meet all your needs from the Yamaha P45 digital piano from the Yamaha brand. The Yamaha P45 comes with limited Polyphony of only 64. However, there’re quite a few things that we like about this versatile piece of instrument. You are welcome Douglas. Yamaha P45 uses the Graded Hammer Standard weight key action to provide real acoustic sounds. The dual-mode is designed to allow you to combine two different sounds from the ten built-in sounds. The sound is recorded on 10 different timbre level, meaning that you can get 10 different tone color from the same key depending on how hard that key is being played. Two crucial reasons are the limited polyphony and the duo sensor used in the key action. Description: The Yamaha P71 is a near-identical keyboard to the P45. It’s big enough to display about two and half A4 sized paper side by side. The Yamaha P45 is a full-sized piano equipped with some of the latest technological equipment for an excellent performance. This makes it easy for a beginner to use. Therefore, Yamaha P45 allows you to play any imaginable chord and duets without losing any of the 64 notes. Dual mode: two instrument sound simultaneously, Duo mode: split the keyboard to identical halfs. But as you improve your skills, it will become frustrating at times. Noise from key stroke are noticeable however much softer compare to other entry level digital pianos. Read though my Yamaha P45 Review and find out why. The best thing about it is that there is always something new to learn. The one on the PX-160 is a triple sensored action compare to P45’s dual sensored. Yamaha P45 features 64-note polyphony, which is an upgraded spec from the Yamaha P-35 which consists of a 32-note polyphony. Another popular competitor of the Yamaha P45 is Korg B1. This makes it harder to play fast repeated notes and also harder to control the sound while doing so. Leave a comment to let me know what you think of this review. There is no Bluetooth, no internal recording, nor battery power capability. I personally own this piano and I am very happy with its performance, for the price of course. Yamaha P45 digital piano is a great piano that fits perfectly all your needs, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a skilled pianist. And it has Bluetooth. Therefore if you are shopping for the P45, don’t forget to check the price of the P71. The new Casio is indeed a much better choice. Yamaha P45 features several connectivities. With its low price, you won’t lose much if you give up somewhere down the road. The Yamaha P45 is equipped with 88 keys with Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard GHS technology.The keys are weighted with actual hammer in the mechanism and the weight is graded meaning the bass keys will feel heavier than the treble keys.For en entry level digital piano, I have to say the key action of the Yamaha P45 is very good.It gives that realistic feeling like an acoustic piano.Noise from key stroke are noticeable however much softer compare to other entry level digital pianos. The Yamaha P45 is an outstanding digital piano consisting of several versatile features missing in other models of its class. The Yamaha P45 uses the Yamaha’s Stereo AMW to provide rich and quality music. Also, this makes the piano ideal for beginners as they have a chance to perfect their fingers on how to use a GHS weighted action, thereby perfecting how to play an acoustic piano. There is an Amazon exclusive version of the Yamaha P45, which is named P71. It also feature a USB jack, that Korg B1 doesn’t have. The Yamaha P45 is strictly for beginners on a budget. It’s 133 cm (52 inches) long, 30 cm (12 inches) deep and 16 cm (6 inches) high. Generally, the Yamaha P45 can be used by any pianist as it consists of the most versatile features. Free mainland UK delivery. It is the latest model in Yamaha’s P-series and is designed to replace the P-35 model. There are labels above the keys for sounds and metronome settings. Couple years after its launch, the Yamaha P45 is still considered by many the best keyboard for piano beginners. The Yamaha P45 features 88-fully weighted keys and for a customizable playing experience, it also features an action On/Off switch which helps in turning weighted action on and off, in case you experience a problem playing with the weighted action. As for color, it’s the classic black and white. When it comes to sound, one has to discuss the speakers. The music rest of the Yamaha P45 is designed with portability in mind. It weights only 11.5 kg (24 lbs. For deeper and richer sound quality, all the 88-keys have been tested and sampled using the Advanced Wave Memory single key sampling. The digital piano for a nomad life. Also, for a more customized playing experience, the digital piano boasts an adjustable keyboard sensitivity to suit your playing style. 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