In our latest video, called Crop Circles Contain Blueprints for Free Energy Devices, we talked how in only the past few decades, crop circles have appeared across the world detailing complex mathematical equations, magnetic diagrams and motors, mechanical routers and the field lines of an electrical charge, the work, according to some, of the Anunnaki. Consider the Gospel of Peter, a fragment of which was found in Egypt in 1886, which tells the long-missing story of a resurrected Jesus leaving his tomb, and features two gigantic angels and a floating cross that talks – “And they heard a voice from the heavens, saying, ‘Thou hast preached to them that sleep.’ And a response was heard from the cross, ‘Yea. The Book of Enoch tells of the children born through this interbreeding between Watchers and humans, called the Nephilim. Watch it in its entirety to learn more. All these people where black. With this in mind, one might wonder if the ‘fiery chariot’ which took Enoch away before the Great Flood was not in fact, an alien spacecraft. According to Sumerian texts, earth was visited by a group of supernatural beings sometime in the distant past. Perhaps the people who wrote the story of Adam and Eve were simply retelling the stories in the Book of Enoch in their own way, retelling the Sumerian story of the Anunnaki, as so many across religions and cultures had before them, inserting this crucial piece of human history allegorically into their own religious canon, so these ancient records could continue to exist. According to the ancient Arabian historian Al-Maqrizi, these pyramids were built by a king named Saurid, who lived before the Great Flood. According to the video, one reason the book might have been left out could be outlined in Daniel 12:4, which says, “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” You can make the assumption that the book was purposely left out to confuse and deceive believers and nonbeleivers alike until the appointed time of enlightenment, or the time of the end as it is labeled in Daniel. , a fragment of which was found in Egypt in 1886, which tells the long-missing story of a resurrected Jesus leaving his tomb, and features two gigantic angels and a floating cross that talks –, , that notorious work in which Mary Magdalene is named not only as one of Jesus’ disciples, but his favorite one, perhaps even his wife. Throughout his three-plus centuries on earth, he has numerous other offspring. In fact, the only pre-modern version of the text was written in Ge’ez, an ancient African language. (NIV) Additionally, this ancient Kurdish culture was the first to develop a script, standing as one of humanity’s earliest literate societies. Similarly, enormous skeletons have been found in the, In fact, stories of giants permeate human history and tradition. Yet, maybe these stories were not, in fact, totally erased. Crop Circles Contain a Blueprint for Free Energy, The Heart is Much More Than an Organ: Heart Intelligence, Nikola Tesla’s Involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment & Time Travel, Ancient Laser Cutting Technology Used All Over The Planet, Acoustic Levitation: The Secret of the Pyramids and Ancient Megaliths, Nikola Tesla’s Vibrational Healing Device: Sound & Vibrational Medicine, Buddhist Monks Superpowers: Rainbow Body, Levitation, Immortal Monks, Aliens Genetically Created Us: Overwhelming Evidence, The Secret Power of Sound, Vibrations, and Frequencies, Anti-Gravity Technology Hidden in Nature – Viktor Grebennikov. High ranking members of the church certainly did pick and choose what to include in the official biblical canon; they argued, pulled strings, cast their opponents as heretics, and almost certainly sought to expand their own power. Many have suggested that this explains seemingly impossible monuments like the pyramids of Giza or Teotihuacan, those ancient. The Council of Nicea did not determine the official Christian canon. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed, , and they were led astray and became corrupt in all their ways.”, It is interesting that the most common example given of something “completely unexplained by the cultural and social circumstances of historical record,” that is to say, something the Anunnaki must surely have helped ancient humans with, are the Egyptian pyramids.