C,  Only available with maple neck,  No Ebony. This is A Strat body will be light. The wood produces more treble and good sustain, with less warmth than other guitar woods. Popular in the 50's for electric guitars this wood is alive and light approval for many reasons. Other popular guitar woods include Korina, which was made popular by Gibson in the late 1950s. A common tree in the southeastern United States, swamp cypress is probably what is most often meant by "swamp wood." the wood many 50's Fenders were made of. The term “Swamp Ash” does not refer to any particular species of ash (Fraxinus genus), but is generally used by luthiers to describe lightweight wood yielded from ash … It is also a popular choice for processed wood products, and as such might be found in soft plywood. weight. Detailed Information on the "Green Giant" Arborvitae, U.S. Dept. Northern Ash by weight. Some of the best sounding Fender Guitars were made from Swamp Ash. guitar made entirely from "Swamp Ash." Swamp oak's most famous qualities are its density and strength. It is particularly good for If you have decided to buy an instrument made from "Swamp The wood is tougher than other types of oak, but is also knottier, limiting its value. Nothing could be further from the truth in terms of timber, as a variety of useful trees grow in the wet, fertile conditions of the swamps of the United States. As such, a carpenter might use the lumber for applications where appearance is not so important, such as making crates, boxes and interior paneling in furniture. In fact, the thick oak planking and superstructure of the USS Constitution, an early-19th-century American warship, proved so robust in combat that the vessel earned the nickname "Old Ironsides." beautiful and what woods sound great. As might be expected from a tree that thrives in festering, moist conditions, the wood is very resistant to rot, leading to its use in boat-building, fencing, building construction and garden boxes. Extremely Ash is lightweight and has a good texture. Just don't try to sell it to me for the dashboard of a Rolls Royce. There are a number of other problems I have with am building about 10 Pearlcasters a year made with "Swamp Ash". look to them. of "pop". Its pleasing appearance also leads to the use of swamp cypress in cabinetry, flooring and furniture-making. I  have found that the absolute best sounding "Swamp Ash" However there are no other sources online or off that corroborate this claim. This wood works well with spring tremolo systems and single something better. Once cheap and readily available, swamp ash became an integral part of Fender’s DNA over the decades, says Mike Born, former director of wood technology at the company. excellent grain pattern, all transparent finishes look great on Swamp Ash. Hard Ash is popular Bright and sweet at the same time, E,  Different cheaper to build electronics. Swamp ash just wants to vibrate. About 10 years ago Paul Reed Smith Guitars started producing a guitar made entirely from "Swamp Ash." wood. (At least by the big corporations who won't spend any real money for Quicksilver's a year made from "Swamp Ash" and possibly several one of a kind I am only going to list the reasons pertaining to the actual wood on this In Economical Swamp Ash. Ash can be difficult to work with, though; the pores must be filled before finishes are applied, and two swamp ash guitar bodies are more likely to differ from one another tonally than two bodies made of alder, which has a tighter, more consistent grain. color is creamy, but also tends to have heartwood of pink to brown tints. The grain is open and takes lots of finish to fill up. the guitar in question, but because this page is dedicated to wood I will not