Repels mosquitoes and flies (even fruit flies). ; Basil repels insects, improves growth, and enhances flavor. It is a coconut based sambar in which coconut, sambar powder, tomato is grounded and added to prepare the curry, which makes a delicious sambar. Amaranth with Open Sans; Palanquin with Roboto; Sansita with Open Sans — Playfair Display with Source Sans Pro; Playfair Display was designed by Claus Eggers Sorense, and is a Traditional Style font. Amaranth leaves also known as red leaves is very common in Karnataka and it’s known as Dantina soppu. Amaranth flakes – can be mixed with other cereal grains or added to baked goods, cereal bars and desserts. Amaranth helps repel pests by attracting predatory beneficial insects. Dantina Soppu sambar goes well with rice and ragi mudde. Borage improves growth and flavor and repels tomato hornworms. We believe that it works very well with Source Sans Pro, a simpler font style. Sprouted amaranth – goes well in salads or cereals.