You want love? * BB/DB/Zottman Curl – performed bilaterally, not one at a time. The goal is to maximize weight lifted and minimize time rested, meaning there should be an inversely related progression from week to week. 8x8 Kneeling Cable Pull overs I do this every other week but with a upper / lower split its pretty grueling but I've seen amazing results as opposed to doing it with a traditional split or as a full body. The following are Vince Gironda's favorite exercises, broken down by body part. good results! Thursday: Day 3 This is so that they are focusing on the same muscle areas during the same workout day. • 3x8 Stiff legged dead lifts What can I do, when I can't do a lot?I'm w/o at home since I can't drive anymore.I'm in a wheel chair but I can walk holding on to a treadmill. Gironda was Deadlift, Bent-over Row, Good Morning. For that reason, compound movements are still recommended, but be warned, the cardiovascular demands may become the limiting factor, so choose your loads wisely. Be prepared to drop reps before lowering the weight, although if by workout's end you're doing sets of two, the weight you initially chose was just too heavy. Yeah it's a different muscle activation, but it's pretty fun, shorter, and better than nothing if you can't use weights at all. Tuesday: Day 2 Here's a simple way get more glute work out of your staple strength lifts. Just a regular leg press but a wider stance? Mixing low rest with high training volume sounds like chaos for the erector spinae and QL, and a week of hobbling around the office like Quasimodo. • 3x8 Zottman or Preacher curls I've been following your routine for 5 weeks now, thank you for that. 8x8 Drag curl Learn how to build muscle, burn fat & stay motivated. "YTWL"-cablework. What about doing push ups (or maybe paused push-ups) instead of v-dips on chest-day? In my humble "amateur" opinion, cut the number of sets down to 3sets instead of 8...that's still plenty of volume for an intermediate lifter (ie, an athlete with less than 1 to 5yrs lifting experience), especially if you are taking each set to "fatigue" or near-failure . Let's just settle on the notion that muscular failure refers to the point where the athlete isn't capable of achieving another rep without using improper technique aka cheating. Instantly fix a common problem with cable crunches and build a six pack that pops. 8x8 Split Stance Bend over Hexbar rows When looking at Vince Gironda's training methods it must be said that he coached everyone according to … Doing 8x8 back squats and leg presses in the same workout and then adding two more 8x8 exercises would probably be hell inside four walls. Here's how to whip up a steaming cup. Day 1 Back/Biceps Less focus on the latest supplement and more on sleep and food would work wonders for most. I happen to agree there, but in the end this is a very individual matters so everyone needs to decide what works for him. • 3x8 Pull ups The one-limb-at-a-time thing allows for too much rest between arms and legs when you're constantly working one side at a time. It's pretty killer. One of his favorite methods was the 8×8 workout, which he deemed the “honest” workout because of how much muscle fiber you could build in such a short amount of time. The ultimate goal is to reach your original 8RM with under 30 seconds rest between rounds. So if you're a competing bodybuilder who isolates right down to the muscle, let alone muscle group, then stacking three or four different hamstrings or triceps 8x8's into the same day could theoretically work. We teach you how to do thousands of exercises! 8x8 Skullcrushers This might be the only program I've used with intermediate clients in which single-joint and sometimes open-chain movements are very effective, although without the hormonal charge that the bigger lifts elicit. These are great exercises, but not in an 8x8 workout. Strive for simple week-to-week progression and you're golden. The volume is high, rest is short so be prepared for a lot of soreness. Hi, the 8x8 might be perfect for you. I would also skip cardio. Not many of today’s young trainees know of Vince Gironda. Sometimes a new and radical approach is needed to overcome a plateau and force your body to adapt, greater gains will be your reward! Since we're not all pro or even amateur bodybuilders and may not have the time to do this, I suggest training each group once a week and increasing the volume per workout by adding more sets of work. An intense high-volume system designed strictly for cosmetic improvements, its "honesty" stems from the humbling weight used during the actual workout. Save the fronts for a higher intensity, lower volume phase. When looking at Vince Gironda's training methods it must be said that he coached everyone according to their abilities, so there isn't really one method per se. CrossFit with guns, a supplement ingredient quiz (with prizes), and the delicious food that keeps you full for hours. Here's why. 8x8 horizontal Leg press machine etc. The classic bodybuilding expression is that when it comes to building muscle and losing fat, you can't ride two horses with one ass. 8x8 rear delt bend over laterals But yeah, guys often don't want to seem like a wuss, so they'll start to cheat on tempo, upping the weight instead of doing the count right. 30 seconds?