All men know how tough it is to deal with long hair. The hair is slicked to one side and a hard part styled on the other side. Women with curly hair can also get a long undercut wherever they want to. Macho man don’t bother with hair gel and accessories. Whether you want to bring the best out in your long undercut hair or have decided to grow it out elegantly, there are a few important steps to take. Create a cute design to maximize the subtle effect. This daring and dazzling long undercut is a siren song to violet lovers everywhere. Not only is this look sartorially vibrant, but also it is shockingly approachable, energetic and low maintenance. Style your hair so the rainbow peaks through or pin your hair up to show it off in all its fun filled glory. The longer undercut hairstyle creates a seamless marriage between the buzzed tattoo and the luscious, longer locks. A shaved side crown is complemented and contrasted, with decadent and sumptuous waves. The texture and thickness of your hair should be a foundational consideration when deciding how aggressively you want to crop your hair. This is a simple and fast way to sport a long hair undercut without too much hassle. A well-manicured long undercut is happy to play a supporting role to other features of your hair, be it color, style, or texture. A closely cut bang adds a further layer of eclecticism and a rippled wave adds an unexpected buoyancy. An undercut is not bound by size constraints. While you need to be vocal about your intentions, you also need to come prepared with examples of what you don’t want. All you have to do is apply a little hair gel to keep the hairstyle upright. Extra texture keeps this long undercut hairstyle spacious and voluminous. This look is proof! For a versatile undercut, shear the hair near the nape of your neck and the back of your ear. This look is nothing short of remarkable. Be explicit with your hairstylist, coming equipped with pictures and examples. You don’t have to shave the sides to create a long hair undercut. A high ponytail allows you to show off your sassy buzz and allows the electric shades to catch the light. Not true! The combined effect? A greyed out side buzz melds dreamily into the icey manes. The tattooed undercut long hair simply adds an additional layer of artistry to an already effective style. A long hair undercut doesn’t have to be styled in the most fashionable way. Pin loose hair back securely so your target area is clear and unambiguous. For a fresh and daring look, a tattoo shave inspires. The hair length may vary depending on your preferences. Check out some of these great undercut hairstyles for women and get some inspiration for your next major do-over. Long hair undercuts vary in length. A less dramatic look will require a less pronounced, and therefore less deep, undercut.,,,,,,,,, If you are not afraid of a little hair hassle, you have a chance of making an amazing impression on your peers, coworkers, and loved ones. Long undercuts can be tantalizingly alluring because of the unexpected element. A luxe shade of auburn red is a warm and inviting hair color through which to experiment with. The buzzed side cut is an unexpectedly androgynous twist that will keep everyone guessing. This platinum ice blonde gets a fairytale makeover with soft waves and a delicate side cut. These days, however, you need not be a provocateur to embrace the sexy style. Proof that long undercut hairstyles can be polished and fun in one stroke! Clip the upper layer of hair back or create a deep part to flash your long undercut. This delectable shade of peach pink infuses the long undercut style with a feminine lushness. Do you want to make a really cool impression? 8 Hairstyles 2020 Long Hair. An added bonus? 1. They can create a stunning undercut just by seeping their impressive tresses upwards and creating a high bun or a ponytail. This intricate undercut long hair is perfect for women who love to embrace a counterculture aesthetic through the deployment of vibrant and whimsical touches. Lavender and silver hair colors make a beautiful union. She loves dramatic eyelashes, hair extensions, and her dream is to have a collection of 100 bronzers! Not for the faint of heart, this cosmic supernova of color, vibrancy, and pattern will turn heads from a mile away. This undercut long hair allows you to conceal the undercut when desired by creating a slight wave or pinning back your bangs. The shadow root is an added injection of dimensionality. This style is unique because of the longer side cut involved. This is especially true when you want a bit more length and a less stark contrast. This galactic updo is uncompromisingly sassy and girlish. Want to shock everyone? Work with your texture and the natural profile of your hair. A petite side undercut creates volume and infuses your long hair with a dynamic shape. Our favorite hack is trying hair extensions. Not the case! How To Style: This style is done on two levels. The caramel shade is warm and brings a light to cold winter days. The long hair is pulled back to form a ponytail and the sides have a high undercut. An elaborately messy neon blue bun is a showstopper and will catch the lights of the city as you step out in style. A long hair undercut combines two universes – short shaved locks and long tresses, which can be styled in a variety of ways. A shaggy buzz adds to the saturation of the seaweed green dye. • Women with thinner hair should consider a less invasive buzz and must be cautious of removing too much hair. Undercut hairstyles emerged from the intriguing underworld of punk rock youth culture. Cute female undercut hairstyles for long hair. A high nape undercut shaved to a 10-millimeter length allows you to play with a saturated combination of dyes for a popsicle effect. When paired with a breezy and soft ash brown hair color, the look takes on a new plushness.