Lay slices of cheap loaf-style bread shoulder to shoulder on the grate, flipping when they begin to toast. Ask yourself what you need the smoker for, how many people do you plan to cook for, what kind of food do you need the smoker for and how frequently will you be using it. While you are a beginner right now, you will learn and become good at smoking BBQ meat in no time. 6 Best Meat Smokers For Beginners For 2020 1. It has a black colored appearance which adds a touch of sleekness and simplicity to it. Fold a 12- by 18-inch piece of foil in thirds, like a business letter, and slip it under the exposed handles to prevent them from burning. A prominent feature of this smoker is its LED display of temperature, which makes it extremely easy to read and understand. Remember, it’s live fire you’re cooking with. The char-broil smoker is a natural gas fueled smoker that comes with a traditional vertical cabinet design. If you are looking for a smoker that is easy to store, move around and portable, then this is the perfect choice. Ditto for cheap pellets (and never use pellets intended for furnaces in your grill). Sign up and get a free ebook of Raichlen’s Burgers plus weekly recipes and tips straight from Steven Raichlen! Moreover, it has chrome plated 4 racks that allow you to smoke different items at the same time. (They’re cheaper, too.) But if you are a beginner, then this feature should make it easier for you to use the product. The smoker has an all-black finish, with rust-resistant built. "Once upon a time, Chili's told us that we should love baby backs ," Martin says, referencing that... 3. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For crisp skin, grill at higher temperatures—at least 350 degrees. Meanwhile, a thin or poorly built smoker will use more energy and will leak out the heat, proving to be highly inefficient. For this reason, this Masterbuilt electric bullet smoker qualifies as one of the best smokers for beginners. Terms & Policies | Privacy Policy We prefer them to electric smokers, as you don’t need a power source so they are more portable, and they offer a better temperature range. My list starter is the Masterbuilt Electric digital smoker. Get the Recipe: Smoked Planked Trout with Caper Dill Sauce. Moreover, it is a compact and portable smoker with its compact dimensions and 17.5 pounds of weight.It also has a simple and attractive design and won’t stand out in your outdoor area. This smoker is the most diverse and versatile smoker in the market, considering its extra features and high quality functionality. A simple instant-read meat thermometer can be had for less than $10, while a digital or remote Wifi-enabled thermometer will cost more. Moreover, another feature that adds to its convenience is its wide and easy-to-open door that allows you to add more charcoal easily. However, the gas and propane feature ensures a consistent level of heat supply. In conclusion, beginners who are looking for a good smoker should go for something that will last for a long time and can also be useful even after you’ve mastered the art of BBQ smoking. And should you ever have a question, feel free to ask Steven via social media. As someone new to smokers, you might not want to invest too much in a unit, so this makes a good choice. This electric smoker is a good start for your BBQ smoking experience. It has a large room for smoking, which will allow you to finish cooking faster. Get the Right Ribs Choose firm-fleshed fish like swordfish, halibut, monkfish, salmon, etc. If you are looking for a smoker for frequent use with large items, then this may not be a good choice for you. Propane smokers are fantastic for newbies thanks to their low cost and easy to operate design. Best Electric. It is a front-loaded smoker, meaning that it has a vertical door in the front from where you load all the items into the smoker. 13 Pro Tips Every Beginner Barbecuer Should Know. Before you can finally go ahead and choose from our list of 6 best smokers for beginners, there are still some features and aspects you must consider. This helps the food cook more evenly and uniformly and helps you keep track of what went on the grill first, so you can turn it and take it off first. This will improve its efficiency and will cook your food better and faster. Simply plug it in, place your meat on the racks, set the temperature and let the smoker do its job; Features an easy-to-read thermometer on the front door that helps monitor the internal temperature; Light weight frame and two side handles for ease of mobility Overall, this budget-friendly smoker is built with sturdy, durable and long-lasting material, enhancing your smoking experience as a first timer. It has roller wheels and is lightweight, which makes it extremely easy to move around. The capacity you choose will depend directly on how often you plan on using the smoker, and how much quantity of food you will be using it for. If you're looking for an electric smoker for all the convenient features it has to offer; then the Big Chief smoker is the right option for you. We’ve compiled a baker’s dozen of our favorite barbecue tips and hacks to help you get professional-looking and -tasting results. This gas smoker is not as efficiently insulated, and you may experience issues with the temperature regulation. Depending on your equipment, always have an extra tank of propane on hand, a bag of charcoal or pellets, or wood chips, chunks, wood, or your fuel of choice.