If you have an extra guitar only for slide, you can also try out the open tunings. Learning the various different methods to tune for slide guitar will give you more options to let you suit the tunings to your playing style. An important caveat about slide guitar tuning. Slide guitar is not, at its essence, about which tuning you use. In this course, after a few advices we gonna go through 20 Blues Rock licks in standard tuning. The different kinds of open slide guitar tuning discussed so far have a few things in common, the main one being that they are meant to make slide guitar easy. You can use both acoustic and electric guitars, as long as they don’t have nylon strings. This isn't actually the real way to play it since the Goo Goo Dolls use all that alternate tuning, but it's close enough. These days, I use two guitars 99% of the time – a Telecaster and an SPT acoustic. To widen possibilities, we will also learn to fret behind the slide. If you want to play much slide guitar, prepare a guitar just for this job. If you have only one and play sometimes slide or want to switch between slide and nor… Learning slide guitar in standard tuning allows you to focus on fret-hand touch and pick-hand articulation without having to re-learn the fretboard and chord forms in an alternate tuning. This is a common blues slide guitar lick and sounds great for beginning or advanced players. Kept one guitar in standard tuning, had others in different tunings. In this slide guitar lesson, I’m going to break down a slide guitar lick that is played in standard tuning and can be used over any 12 bar blues progression. All slide guitar tabs are my interpretation of the songs and they are only for my own personal study. Standard tuning as slide guitar tuning. Best song ever. The slide guitar is one of the most expressive technique to spice up your guitar chops. Blues guitar champ Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule and the Allman Brothers Band discussed his fondness of an uncommon practice - playing slide guitar in standard tuning. SLIDE by THE GOO GOO DOLLS Guitar transcription by Nathan Gilera Hayag, RRT For comments, suggestions & violent reactions, Email me at nathanhayag@gmail.com STANDARD TUNING with open d ( E A D G B d ) CAPO ON 1ST FRET CHORDS : Em - 022030 D - xx0230 C9 - x32030 G - 320030 G/B - x20030 *** We all know The Goo Goo Dolls used a weird alternate tuning of D# A# D# G# G# d# … Slide Guitar Tabs. That means using heavier strings (no “super slinky”…) and a high action (distance of the strings to the fretboard). by Steve Flack Slide Guitar Licks in Standard Tuning Root 5 E Mixolydian with b3 7 9 6 7 9 Can't get much better than this. You can use standard tuning or you can create any tuning that sounds good to you, apply a slide, and you are ‘in’ slide guitar tuning. Use your picking hand to keep all the other strings muted while you play. However, a guitar does not have to be in open tuning to be playable with a slide. Slide guitar can be played in standard or open tunings, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. So there isn’t an official or ‘proper’ tuning to use when playing slide guitar. If you copy them you may violate some copyright law and you will burn in guitar hell!!! *Blues slide guitar player CeDell Davis used a butterknife for his slide work. Use open G tuning if you want to sound (a bit) like Robert Johnson Open G tuning… Damn you probably know even more major chords now than you did in standard tuning, and that can only be a good thing. by Steve Flack Slide Guitar Licks in Standard Tuning Root 5 E Mixolydian with b3 7 9 6 7 9 This is essential as you may not always have time to tune your guitar to another tuning while playing with other musicians. Now that we have explored a wealth of licks in an Open D tuning, let's try some slide techniques using our standard tuning (EADGBE.) This is the standard tuning version. Standard tuning can be easier to play because your melodic instincts dont have to be translated to the altered tuning of the guitar; however, it can make it harder for the beginning slide guitarist to mu… 20 Slide Guitar Licks. Shares Slide guitar is something many players have a desire to learn but can be reticent to dive into. Pay close attention to the speed of the slides in the first bar. In this lesson, we are going to take the same licks from our Open D tuning examples and play them in our standard tuning. All the licks are played with the backing track and then slowed down . When playing slide guitar in standard tuning, you need to be careful to mute the other strings you’re not playing. Ry Cooder: Fleetwood Mac: Rory Gallagher: Terry Garland: Peter Green: John Hammond: Ben Harper: