ScienceDaily. Here’s an article about the search for life on Europa.Not so fast, though. Here is where things get interesting. Many of the pictures of Europa show red coloured lines running across the surface. By Shubham Sharma 07/24/18 AT 6:40 AM. The cracks rapidly fill with the ocean water and freeze. Is There Life On Jupiter's Moon Europa? This Robot Will Look For Signs Of Life On Jupiter’s Satellite Europa. Here’s an article about how Europa might be corrosive to life. Life on Europa: Water from a subsurface ocean on Jupiter's moon, Europa, could reach the surface through seeps or erupt from hot water vents. More signs that life could thrive on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The 1,900-mile-wide (3,100 kilometers) Europa harbors a huge ocean beneath its icy shell. Bruice successfully passed tests in the cold waters of Antarctica. (2008, August 7). Signs Of Life On Europa Could Be Inches Below Jovian Moon's Surface . NASA wants to look for signs of life on Europa — but you can’t get there for $15 million . Artist's concept image by NASA / JPL. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute) By . Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory tested the Bruice vehicle, which was scheduled to explore Europa’s glaciers. Finding Signs Of Current Geological Activity On A Frozen World. What’s more, astronomers think this water is in contact with the moon’s rocky core, making a variety of […] University of Idaho. This water would reveal the chemistry of the subsurface ocean and may contain microbes that live below. If signs of life exist on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, they might not be as hard to find as scientists had thought, a new study reports. The lines are thought to have been made by cracks in the icy crust as the ocean moves beneath. Rachel Feltman. How to create life from non-life is one of the great open questions in science today, but if life can exist down here, perhaps undersea on Europa or Enceladus, there's life, too. Rachel Feltman. Subsurface structure of Europa: This image shows the internal structure of Europa. An enhanced-color view of Jupiter's moon Europa. Does Europa Have any Signs of Life?