Unchained is one of three careers Sienna Fuegonasus can choose from.. Description. Talents marked with an (2) are unmodified talents from the core rogue that also work as is with the unchained rogue. The setup I am going to tell about uses the best Sienna's Staff there is - Beam Staff. Note that the talents from PZO9466 may be selected by rogues, shadowdancers, and unchained rogues. Talents . Skill Stunts: Talents with “Stunt” in the name are a new type of rogue talent. Pyromancer Talent Tree Summary. While controlling could be done with any of her sub classes, Unchained is the best one to do that, and here is why. Pyromancer Career Skill: The Burning Head – Sienna unleashes a fiery projectile that seeks out foes. They are highlighted in green to call them out for your convenience. Talents give you a lot of room to customize your rogue, and provide several excellent reasons to remain a single-class rogue. * - Talents marked with an asterisk add effects to a rogue's sneak attack. Here, you can find a list of all abilities and talents, tips on how to play the available classes and suggested builds (ways of developing this character). She can channel the winds of Aqshy to provide both an armour of flame that protects her and a mighty spell of fiery destruction, detonating around herself. This page contains description of Sienna Fuegonasus, one of the heroes available in Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Blessed with a sharp intellect and a wicked sense of humour, Sienna will generally pass for a well-adjusted individual, as far as wizards go. Talent Name Sucessful charge melee attacks grant 40% increased stamina regeneration for 2 seconds Clears any wounds and converts any temporary health to permanent health when bosses die As the Unchained, Sienna’s focus now lays in magically enhanced melee combat. Full Crowd Control Unchained Setup The field where Sienna shines the most is Crowd Control. Sienna is one of the heroes in Vermintide 2 and comes with further three careers to choose from. Sienna Fuegonasus is a fiery-tempered Bright Wizard who roams the land in a constant search for opportunities to indulge herself in the ecstasy of pyromancy. Only one of these talents can be applied to an individual attack and the decision must be made before the attack roll is made. Battle Wizard; Pyromancer; Unchained; Battle Wizard.