I had a Russian radio stream playing as I puttered around the house one day this summer, but wasn’t really paying attention until a repeated line in the chorus of a song grabbed my ear. And in the pulse of veins Through Moscow I trudge! Romantic love poems about passion. His poems, born in folklore, gradually themselves were transformed into folklore. Here is my translation: In 1927-29, Usov taught the translation theory and technique at the Institute of Literature. Ivan Krylov’s. Marina Tsvetaeva ... Vladimir Mayakovsky. Getting back to another of my favorite subjects relating to Russian culture and history—80’s pop music—I decided recently to write a complete translation of Хочу Перемен! I do love translating poetry, agonizing as it can be sometimes (see previous post- It Has to Be “Love”).My latest effort puts into English a poem written by one of the founders, and leading lights, of the Russian ‘Futurist’ movement, Velimir Khlebnikov (Viktor Vladimirovich; “Velimir” was his pen name). English language is fairly simple when it comes to greetings - you can just say Hi or Hello to literally anyone you meet. That said, below is my translation, followed by the original: When by mistake I let the pen slip, I stopped what I was doing and thought, did they just sing “Alain Delon speaks French?” In fact, that was exactly what they were singing. Alexander Blok. She believes in us. . Esenin’s first poetry was published in journals in 1914. I will sing, I will sail The text in original Russian and English translation follows (the English translation is GFDL; note on translation on the discussion page). Since that time he has lived on as a cultural icon in Russia, somewhat like Elvis in the U.S. These poems are specifically designed for birthdays. So that each merchant’s wife I welcome you here, wild-running night, Khlebnikov’s century-old poem resonates with the Russia of today. On the sidewalk along Nevsky Prospect I saw a busker, three nights in a row, singing and playing old Kino songs, with crowds of people singing along. Instead of warmth- greens of glass, Change!- Demanded by our hearts, In old Cossack leathers Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. Boris Pasternak. Biography. This is the title to a catchy tune from the 1980s by the Russian pop phenomenon Viktor Tsoi, and his band Kino (pictured above; Tsoi is second from the left). Velimir Khlebhikov thanx a lot!!!!!! Step 1.: Go to Start Menu Step 2.: Select Control Panel Step3. Tsoi was hugely popular in the Soviet Union in the era of glasnost (“openness”), but died at the age of 28 in 1990. The text of the poem. How to greet a Russian speaking person in Russian language? She's kind. And we have exactly one origin and plight- When I was visiting St. Petersburg in 2012, there were new posters of Tsoi everywhere—in the Metro station, along the sidewalks, in shopping malls—with the slogan, “We are with you”, and announcing the celebration of what would have been his fiftieth birthday. I also attached an image of a Russian keyboard so that you could see where a particular letter is located. my great-grandma is turning 83, she immigrated from russia when I was born, she was a teacher in russia, the only thing she really cares about is us, not money or anything like that. Russian proverbs, sayings and quotes will teach you many apt observations made by Russian people, translated from ancient written sources, and borrowed from literature works. The red sun fires its entire mass, A little research into this song revealed a degree of cultural interconnectedness that I was unaware of in the nineteen eighties when this song was produced in the still existing, and I presumed still closed, society of the Soviet Union. Feeling the need to take a break from translating prose, I decided to finally make an attempt to translate a Boris Pasternak poem that, while not seasonally appropriate in May, is one of my favorites—’A Winter’s Night’. Have fun this day, don't be sad. Is truth on our side, We are both dark for our doubting eyes, And you can read it in English like this: S dnyom rozhdenya tebja pozdravljaju. I think someone. Osip Mandelstam . Russian translation of the poems: I wish you happy birth day. I will go tonight Bulat Okudzhava . “A Winter’s Night—Pasternak’s ‘Зимняя Ночь’”, on A Winter’s Night—Pasternak’s ‘Зимняя Ночь’, “It Has to be “Love”, in Pushkin’s ‘To. “The Dragonfly & the Ant” Krylov is one of Russia’s main fabulists, in whose repertoire … They are like birds, of whose touch I am afraid, . . (Khochu Peremen, Eng.= I Want Change!) Manifesto. “Mother teaches heart phone morgue” is how google-translate renders the seventh line of another glasnost-era Russian pop song that recently caught my attention. Various. Vladimir Vysotsky. We wait for change. The following is a poem by Osip Mandelstam that I translated recently. Your attention is very important in this special day. Russian translation of the poems: I wish you happy birth day. Russian term or phrase: Pushkin Poem: Exegi monumentum: I am doing a DE>EN translation of a book in which the German translation of this poem by Alexandr Pushkin (Exegi monumentum)is given. This is not that surprising for someone who had just survived WWI, the Russian Revolution, The Russian Civil War, the “Red Terror,” unprecedented poltical, economic and social experimentation and the beginnings of Stalinist totalitarianism. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. This 1837 poem takes its name from the battle of Borodino – one of the main battles of the 1812 war with Napoleon. Diverse harmonies rush from the pen, As always I struggled in my efforts to balance meaning, meter, tone and rhyme. A collection of poetry from Russia. RuVerses. Russian Poetry, Poems, Translations, Rhyme Russian Poetry Translated Into English. Instead of fire- smoke. i got an idea to wish in russian!- dr.srilak panditha. The line repeated in the chorus of the Brit song—”Robert De Niro’s waiting, talking Italian”—becomes, in the Russian song, “Alain Delon is speaking French” (Alen Delon govorit po Frantsuzkiy). The day is burned out by its stroke. We may haughtily ride. So that in rich furs Have fun this day, don't be sad. You remember how I, from the rock, broke away, I'm using Windows XP. You can say Privet to a person you first met, as long as it's not a formal environment. It’s no good to rail A A. Osip Mandelstam This is the place where you can read about the Russian language, culture, history, and a little about everything. It clearly flies over to you. But the lines flock together and fill up the page. Solitary reader, you are my muse. : Add input Language window pops out, select Russian After going through all these steps you will be able to type Russian letters. If you are in the non-Russian speaking country, then most probably you don't have Russian letters installed on your computer keyboard. .’”. Below is my translation of Не Шалить (pron.-Ne Shalit’!= Don’t Be Bad! The poem of hers I chose to translate for this contest is Муза—‘Muse.’ As I had not been familiar with ther work until I learned of this competition, I decided this poem would be a good place to start as it might give a clue to what inspired her to write. I wish you lots of happiness, And especially I wish you happiness in love! I see you off, with no thanks for your time, . ), followed by a discussion of Khlebnikov, the futurists and the resonance of this poem with Russian society today. A candle glowed near at hand It took place in the village of Borodino just outside of Moscow.