Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals is the most “well-thumbed” in our house! i would love a Jamie Oliver one as well, Gordon Ramseys ‘Fast Food’ is brilliant .x, Jamies 30 minute cookbook. ”, Please enable functionality cookies to use this feature, Please enable targetting cookies to show this banner, 6 tasty ways to use veg in your cake recipes, How to make chocolate truffles: Gennaro Contaldo, 300 ml double cream, 1 knob of unsalted butter, 1 clementine, 300 g quality dark chocolate (70%), 1 splash of brandy, 1 handful of mixed nuts , such as Brazils, almonds, hazelnuts, 3 tablespoons quality cocoa powder, 1 pack of biscotti, 1 bottle of Vin Santo. In a saucepan, bring the cream to the boil, add the butter and take off the heat. Melt the chocolate (either in a bowl set over a pot of simmering water - don't let the bottom of the bowl touch the water - or in a microwave at 50% power in short bursts of 30 seconds until completely melted). I’m enjoying cooking from Fearne Cotton’s cookbook at the moment, I think that’s the one I’m reaching for most the past few months . I’m a Mary Berry and a Jamie girl – fail safe!! The good housekeeping cookbook,its an old copy but a great reference, I love his comfort food book! As the flames begin to subside, add the cream and bring to a gentle simmer. Of course I had to make my own truffles. “Is he cooking naked? It’s hard to go wrong with these decadent bite-sized treats. If you don’t already, half the amount his recipes call for…I do! Please read the rules of the giveaway before entering! I like Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Cook Book. 1/2 tsp Water, orange blossom. Tagged: Chocolate, Truffles. I love making those!! To be one of the three lucky winners enter BELOW!! Thanks for this lovely giveaway. Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook Giveaway. Cool for about 1 hour in the fridge, or 10-15 minutes in the freezer if you want to speed up the process. I have an old Jamie Oliver one that I love, but I often use the internet now. Break the chocolate into little chunks and place in a small bowl. I first heard of The Naked Chef from my boss when I was working in a kitchen. I have all but two of his cookbooks. He really cares about what people are eating and what to use for the best flavours. https://www.thebossykitchen.com/walnuts-cocoa-rum-balls-recipe Remove from the heat and stir in the butter and orange blossom water. I am Julia Frey, a London based recipe developer and photographer, and Vikalinka is my space to share my food with the world. I do not have time for anything else. Once the butter has melted, add a pinch of sea salt, then add broken chocolate, cover with a lid for 30 seconds, then stir. Love that I can knock them up something healthy and hearty within minutes! I get so perplexed when people call Christmas time stressful because to me, it’s all about joy and relaxation, enhanced by delicious food. Currently loving both books by Anna Jones – great veggie food! The Mary Berrys Cookbook Or you might feel the same but the taste of these chocolate truffles lightly flavoured with spiced rum and orange blossom water is well worth the trouble! I am busy! As soon as tiny bubbles start to appear, add the butter and finely grate in the clementine zest, and stir to melt the butter. Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook Giveaway, Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Honey and Bacon. Jamie's ultimate collection of Christmas recipes and Christmas food ideas, from the roast potatoes to the Christmas pud, from the gravy to the sprouts! Can’t beat it on a cold winters day, The great British Bake Off book (from the first series)…. Put your mixed nuts into a plastic bag and use a rolling pin to bash them up quite finely. About 30 minutes before you’re ready to make your truffles, pull the bowl out of the fridge and let the chocolate warm up to room temperature. I have cooked dozens of his recipes and loved them. So when I was asked to review Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook I couldn’t possibly say “no” because it’s Jamie and because it’s Christmas! Get everyone around the table to spoon their own truffles out of the serving dish and roll them in cocoa powder, crushed nuts or anything else you fancy. Marguerite Patten’s Every Day cookbook. Please!!!! Place in the fridge for 2 hours to set. I am a massive truffle fan, so I knew I had to give this recipe a go. Jamie’s recipes are great – really keep things simple but always pack a flavour punch! Pour your chocolate mixture in a medium sized bowl and refrigerate for 4 hours to set. 70 300 g quality dark chocolate, quality. Post navigation ← Baked Alaska Mince Pies- Jamie Oliver. Arrange nicely on a table, put a few cocktail sticks next to them and let people get stuck in and make their own. How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson, Always Jamie Oliver in our house my husbands favourite. What I also loved about the book is that it gives countless recipes for leftovers as well as post-Christmas recipes such as spicy curries and salads to snap out of the holiday lull. your own Pins on Pinterest I am definitely buying myself a pair of latex gloves and more chocolate for another batch or two! I adore Jamie Oliver! Who would’ve known the naked chef was so much more than a fad and was not going anywhere! My Mum’s hand me down Hamlyn colour cookbook. Only 5 Ingredients and Easy To Make. ... if you prefer, you can swap out the brandy here for rum, ... Posted in: Desserts, Jamie Oliver Recipe, Recipes. Scoop the chocolate mixture with a round spoon and form your truffle with another to give a rounded shape, then dunk the truffle in chopped nuts or cocoa powder.