At 3.20 pm, Modi took off for Pune, where he landed at 4.30 pm. Back from Pune - Hyderabad - Pune drive with my 5th gen Verna. Antipode: -18.52047,-106.143379. From the airport, Modi proceeded by helicopter to the Serum Institute of India (SII) at Manjari, located 17 km from the airport. Pune. Pune to Hyderabad drive ixigo Trip Planner helps you find the best route for a driving trip from Pune to Hyderabad by road which is roughly 877 km in distance and highlights the driving route from Pune to Hyderabad. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Pune to Hyderabad, It takes 0.56 hours to arrive. Facebook Twitter. Hyderabad is located in Pakistan with (25.3924,68.3737) coordinates and Pune is located in India with (18.5196,73.8554) coordinates. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday visited Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune to review coronavirus vaccine development work there. The map given below gives road map and travel directions to reach Pune from Hyderabad by car or bus. The calculated flying distance from Hyderabad to Pune is equal to 590 miles which is equal to 950 km. This is the point on the Earth's surface when you draw a straight line from Pune through the centre of the earth. From Pune to the South Pole, it is 7,500.58 mi (12,071.02 km) in the north. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Pune and Hyderabad is 503 km= 313 miles. Where do I get to when I dig a hole in Pune through the centre of the earth? Please note, I don't prefer to drive in triple digit at all and most of my drive was in the 90s with CC engaged. Air Travel Distance between Hyderabad and Pune is : 531.44 km / 330.22 miles. The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) said the day-long visit was aimed at getting a first-hand perspective of the preparations, challenges and roadmap in India's endeavour to vaccinate its citizens. it took me 3 hr 30 min including a 30 min break at the new "BP Ghar" just before Bhigwan (recommended for break). Modi will visit pharma major Zydus Cadila's plant to get information about its … Pune is located in India. Furthest cities from Pune If more than one route is available, alternate routes will also be displayed. How far is it between Hyderabad and Pune. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad on Saturday to review coronavirus vaccine development work at facilities there, officials said. MUMBAI: The Mumbai-Pune-Hyderabad high-speed bullet train corridor project is set to get a boost. Here is the update: Road condition from Pune to Solapur is excellent. Given below is the road distance between Hyderabad and Pune.