It’s really the only way to tell give you the best information about the shoe overall. The Nike Metcon 3 is a worthwhile addition to the Metcon lineup. This view shoes the hexagonal foam blocks in the Free x Metcon 2. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Metcon 5 Nike’s most recent model of this shoe, the Metcon 5 (2019), was designed specifically to handle an extensive number of WOD exercises. Gone is the rigid upper material of previous versions. The flat heel of the shoe and drop-in midsole will ensure you smash your own records all while staying injury free. Areas on the shoe, including the upper, have been made stronger to prevent early wear and tear. A thicker outsole might also help enhance durability. The drop height of the Metcon 3 is 4mm. ;Remember, the Metcon 3 isn’t designed for running outside. So, unlike other Nike metcon reviews, I am going to be comparing the Nike Metcon 4 to is the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0. This site is not affiliated or associated with CrossFit, Inc. CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. Thanks to a few smart updates, the Nike Metcon 3 is a worthwhile purchase. I ordered a Men’s Size 11 (my normal size) and it fits fine – in both length and width. In fact, not only does it wrap the midfoot, but the heel as well – for providing a locked in feel and improved stability. The Nike cross trainer doesn’t try to be all things at once. We’ve completed our hands-on review. The midsole [Read more …], Best Assault Bike for CrossFit? As for weight, a Men’s size 11 weights in at 12.2 ounces. ;The Metcon 3 is a lifting shoe with great grip, a stable base, and a solid foundation. While some users may find the shoe appropriate for running sprints during HIIT-style CrossFit workouts, the shoe is better suited for weightlifting and bodyweight exercises. Let’s first talk about the Metcon’s Flywire support system. An affordable price tag and comfortable fit round out the reasons why you should consider adding the third Metcon to your athletic shoe collection. The mesh upper is a double layer material. A slightly grippier outsole delivers a more stable platform. We’ll have to do some testing to see which method is superior. De momento estas METCON 3 se llevan la nota más alta de todas las review que hemos hecho, y lo hace con justicia. The Free x Metcon 2 has better forefoot flexiblity than the Free Metcon 3. The Nike shoe’s upper is made of snug-fitting mesh with a Flywire support system. It’s lost it’s width, and some flexibility in the forefoot – but we’ll need to do more testing to come up with a definitive ruling on where this shoe lands. There’s very large flex grooves in the forefoot. They’ve done something similar here – the inside of the shoe has a deep channel where you’d grip the rope with your feet. The Free Metcon 3 just doesn’t have the same level of flex. It’s a tough call – because the Nike Metcon 5 is pretty darn good – and the Free Metcon 3 is so new. For the midsole strap, a larger, more durable TPU strap is used, and it is integrated with the laces. The Nike Metcon 4 / 4 XD and Free x Metcon 2 were all noisy shoes – giving rise to the term “Metcon Squeak”. The Metcon 3 offers better lateral support, has more rubber dots for enhanced durability, and a softer mesh that helps prevent the material from cracking such as in previous versions. We’ll have to do a head to head shoot out to see which method is better. This shoe is NOT as wide as the Free x Metcon 2 was though.