These vegan meringues use the liquid from a tin of chickpeas as the substitute for egg whites - genius! Use these vegan meringues wherever you would use egg white meringue … When we hear the word meringue, the first thing that may come to mind is egg whites. This powder consists mainly of egg whites which have been dehydrated and can be accompanied by cornstarch, sugar, and other ingredients. | Nature’s Charm 1. It … The 5 Best Meringue Powder Substitutes Read More Here are some of our favorite vegan baking substitutes. You can also replace egg white with egg white powder that can be mixed with water to become equivalent to the required egg whites. Meringue powder was invented to take a huge place in the baking. Nature’s Charm. Meringue powder is a substitute for the egg whites traditionally used in meringue and is often used for baking and decorating cakes. Moreover, they are available in the baking aisle of every supermarket. Substitute for Meringue Powder in Frosting. This is the traditional method of making meringue, but it is not the only one. Nature’s Charm has you covered with unique vegan baking substitutes. Lemon juice (or tartar cream for stability) with pasteurized egg whites and powdered sugar can make a mix for preparing royal ice or frosting.It will deliver the right texture and taste required for frosting. Using them alleviates the risk of salmonella. There are so many options to choose when it comes to replacing eggs, milk, and butter in vegan … Meringue powder substitute for royal icing, in that case would be dried eggs. Dried eggs are basically dehydrated eggs, that are pasteurized just like the powder.