And He said to them, “Amen I say to you that there are some of them standing here who shall not taste of death till they have seen the kingdom of God coming in power.”2. But this historical faith in all cases precedes before it becomes saving faith. And they asked Him, saying, “Why do the scribes say that Elijah must first come?”12. NIV Reverse Interlinear Bible… Why did the boy's father say "Help my unbelief!" Rather, these activities are the result of the spirit acting within, as everyone may know who is not led astray by fallacy.” See also Divine Love and Wisdom 46: “Those who believe that all things are from nature think from the eye and not from the understanding. The falsity of evil … is compared to ‘a worm.’ This is because falsity, like a worm, gnaws and thus torments…. 38 This seems to go right over their heads. These are not images of a glorious kingdom where the disciples will sit on thrones and be served by others. At tinanong niya ang kaniyang ama, Kailan pang panahon nangyayari sa kaniya ito? Sapagka't bawa't isa'y aasnan sa pamamagitan ng apoy. 43 These, then, are the inner reasons why the hand should be cut off, then the foot, and then the eye should be plucked out. At nagsialis sila roon, at nangagdaan sa Galilea; at ayaw siyang sinomang tao'y makaalam niyaon. Datapuwa't hinawakan siya ni Jesus sa kamay, at siya'y ibinangon; at siya'y nagtindig. As we mentioned, this represents the human tendency to desire regeneration without going through the combats of temptation. If we discover that our actions are offensive to the life we should be leading, we need to stop. Sapagka't tinuruan niya ang kaniyang mga alagad, at sa kanila'y sinabi, Ibibigay ang Anak ng tao sa mga kamay ng mga tao, at siya'y papatayin nila; at pagkapatay sa kaniya, ay siyang magbabangong muli pagkaraan ng ikatlong araw. At doo'y napakita sa kanila si Elias na kasama si Moises: at sila'y nakikipagusap kay Jesus. For he that is not against us is for us.41. 22 Therefore, in the same proportion, they are brought out from hell by the Lord and led to heaven.”11. If our “eye” looked at something with covetous desire, it’s not the fault of the eye. These qualities are especially visible in sweet, well-mannered children who have a natural disposition to please, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to help. This time He points out that true faith is more than belief; it also includes action. This is true for each of us as well. 42 This time, when Jesus tells them the same thing again, Peter does not object, but he still doesn’t comprehend. 24 The spirit that had tormented the boy for all those years has been cast out.Prayer and fastingMarveling at what had just happened, the disciples come to Jesus privately and ask, “Why couldn’t we cast it out?” (Mark 9:28). To Get the Full List of Definitions: Just as fire can purify metal and kill bacteria, a life according to the truths of religion can purify the human spirit. Na doo'y hindi namamatay ang kanilang uod, at hindi namamatay ang apoy. At madalas na siya'y inihahagis sa apoy at sa tubig, upang siya'y patayin: datapuwa't kung mayroon kang magagawang anomang bagay, ay maawa ka sa amin, at tulungan mo kami. And He answering said to them, “Elijah indeed comes first, and restores all things; and how it is written of the Son of Man, that He must suffer many things, and be held as nothing.13. This is the first time that Jesus has added the conditional statement, “until the Son of Man is risen from the dead.” Previously, whenever Jesus warned spirits or people not to speak about Him, it had always been in brief statements such as “be quiet” or “tell no one.” This time, however, Jesus is more specific about a time frame.