This is going to sound really dumb but are there exercises that help tone the inner arm? I’ve been working on using heavier weights lately and am at least noticing a difference in my level of soreness! So I recently stumbled on this article and was pondering its message of the negatives of smoothie consumptions… i think its a solid article..and i buy this brand of protein regularly as its popular in the crossfit community. Take hold of a barbell and do a biceps curl and repeat this for up to five extra times. no more than 5# for front raise and lateral raise) and instead focus on endurance for these exercises – the rotator cuff is composed of small muscles that don’t need heavy weights to increase strength. , I finally got the chance to do this workout this morning. Love this, thanks for the tips! Just looking for a pulse check! Then, switch arms and do it again. (Warm up and then alternate between the two exercises until you reach 3-4 sets of each. I love this post! But seriously, nice! Place the foot opposite your curling hand a little in front of your other foot for better balance. I will have to refer back to this when I’m ready to change things up a bit! haha i don’t think i’ve ever done a kipping pull-up? I try to work a variation in to any upper body workout. Great post! This is a great post Gina! I know some of it has to do with the weight loss but it feels soft to the touch. I was wondering if Gina or anyone else has a recommendation for the proportion for fat/proteins/carbs a typical day should consist of? Reader's request: What's the difference between traditional strength training and endurance training? Start out doing as many as you can without burning yourself out, and gradually increase repetitions and sets as you get stronger. Make sure that you’re getting enough fuel for your activity level, plus some extra if you’re looking to increase muscle mass. Any insights? This way, you’ll be standing for the exercises (which means you’re burning more calories!) Extend your left arm into the air. You get more bang for your buck if you do the exercises with your body weight or in a standing position. Each time you walk by, do 3 pull-ups. It is one of the exercises about how to build arm strength. An upper body workout just doesn’t feel complete to me without it. Do some pushups regularly to build your upper arm strength. -Get a pull-up bar. Thank you so much for sharing!! Thanks! To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. Here’s a post with all of my arm and upper body-related tips: (I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to flex without making a goober face). Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks! I need to get back into an arm routine; especially the push-ups and dips! And just so we’re clear, we’re taking strict pull-ups, yes? I did a late night gym sesh with the hubby last night and we did pull-ups & wall balls, so those were a nice addition to my sad arm routine as of lately haha. 6 Tips to Increase Arm Strength and Definition 1) Lift heavy things. Try to set goals, and when you accomplish that goal, reward yourself with a sweet snack, or with a new top or set of golf clubs. How to Build Arm Strength Without Equipment,,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Directions: Lie fat on your back. Do not be afraid to up the weights, especially if you can comfortably complete more than 15 repetitions in one set. Here are some tips for making a meal out of your smoothie. I just wanted to thank you for the disclaimers you put out when talking about information that may be sensitive for those who have struggled/are struggling with eating disorders/body image issues!