In an effective mix, the tracks that extend down to the bass frequencies (250 Hz and below) should have their own separate frequency ranges. Alright, let’s make an 808 bass in Logic Pro X! You can also personalize your 808 by adding some saturation as well. 250-500 Hz low mids. You can hear 808 beats (or close imitators) in indie crossover like Lorde’s Royals, pop like Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love, and pretty much the entire genre of trap. Perfect, now let’s just add some “release” time in our “AHDSR envelope” and we’re done. And the 808 is a unique challenge. The 808 bass has become a staple in various sub-genres as well such as Trap. If you can’t seem to nail it, consider investing in a professional mixing and mastering service. You rip open the wrapping, and find this… thing. You may not be hearing bass at full power if you are mixing on headphones, or monitor speakers with cones of 6” or less. Anything that’s loud in this range will sound “in the front” of the mix. “808” is shorthand for the Roland TR-808 drum machine, an early electronic instrument. To use the 808 sound effectively, you must first understand it. That’s a very important way to understand EQ- if you inherently understand how different feelings translate to different ranges, you can mix with your ears and not your eyes. Hit “save” and “x” out of the window. And there you have it, we’ve just created an 808 bass in Logic Pro X. You’ll notice that certain frequencies may sound louder than others as you play with your new instrument. This is what you’ll get by default, but once again, we have a few small modifications to make. Boost here for a warmer sound, cut for a cooler sound. If you boost the mid or high frequencies of an 808, you will boost the attack of the sound but not much else. Your email address will not be published. If you’re using different software, you’ll want to click “initialize preset” as well. Your email address will not be published. There are other “presets” you can experiment with as well, so play around with them. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); However, that “unrealistic” tone became its greatest virtue, and in fact its immortal quality. Its sound is comparable to a digital click. This one is my personal favourites, but this next one sounds a bit “dirtier”…. A lot of the beautiful blending of instruments’ tones happens here. For reference, pretty much all the sound below about 400 Hz is inaudible on an iPhone 7, and you can extrapolate from that to similar devices with tiny speakers. is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. This could give you a “clicky” sound that honestly isn’t that satisfying. Using Alchemy to create the foundation; Making an 808 bass in Alchemy; How to make an 808 bass: Modulation; How to make an 808 bass: Envelope; Should I use compression on my 808 bass; The essence of Hip-Hop music; Using Alchemy to create the foundation . If we simply ignored this, our 808 bass would be affected by how “hard” we hit our keys. If they are not given their own space in the mix, your mix will sound muddy and confusing. To search back over the decades, and to create a cocktail of sounds spanning eras. Furthermore, the kick, snare and hihat sounds were distinct from other genres at the time, which allowed hip-hop to carve out its own distinct sound and identity. We’re only going to be needing ONE oscillator to make an 808 bass (although Alchemy has FOUR). I didn’t make things more complicated than they needed to be, so I used some of Logic’s default “presets”. It will also make it cut through your mix a lot better. I once heard that two famous chefs, Jacques Pepin and Gordon Ramsay, can each judge another chef’s skill level by watching them cook an egg. For the last twenty years, though, we have run out of technology to shape our sound.