Paternity & Family DNA Test. DNA Worldwide aim is to deliver the results back to you … So even if your relatives have been tested, you … see contents of the kit. SECRET PATERNITY TEST (18 regions tested) - US $149 + US $119; Use a toothbrush or ear wax, etc. How long DNA testing takes depends on the DNA testing service you need and the complexity of the case. Order the test now . 18 region tested, ultimate accuracy for a paternity test … That’s a huge batch of potential DNA matches. The only drawback is that you have to opt-in so that others can see your results. Time limits for contesting paternity: Many states have laws that allow a man to contest paternity for a certain … If you are unable to produce the required amount of saliva within 30 minutes, you can release the buffer into the tube first, then add your sample on top of the buffer until it reaches the top of the tube. If the buffer liquid is spilled you … Why It’s Important to Do a DNA Test as Soon as Possible after the Baby’s Birth. AncestryDNA has tested more than 18 million people so far. And DNA testing can help you find them. You can expect your DNA Testing results back in as little as 3-5 business days for paternity testing. The DNA test involves us sending you a home kit which has mouth swabs, instructions and DNA testing information. While a postpartum paternity test is an option, there are also tests that can be conducted while you’re still pregnant. DNA testing can be completed as early as 9 weeks along.