Teamwork is a huge factor in hospitality industries around the world and Hospitality industries who have embraced the hospitality team workshop concept have reported increased performance in work production, problem solving and has stimulated new growth. This improv game is played in a group, divided up in pairs. How many service deliveries go astray because the service rep doesn’t listen or tries to prove the customer wrong? For example, if your event is in Philadelphia, serve Philly cheesesteaks; if you're in Buffalo, New York, serve buffalo wings. And it’s an especially limiting emotional reflex if you’re a service rep who encounters many stressful individuals on a daily basis. This improvisation game is tailored towards customer service. Hospitality is an important component of any customer experience. Customized and full-day workshops are available, just ask for details. People learn in different ways. It’s also fun for the group to recognize typical arguments and dilemmas they encounter in everyday life. Ditch the traditional presentation. Jesse Scinto from Colombia University explains in Forbes why Fortune 500 companies like Google, PepsiCo and McKinsey send their employees to improvisation classes. See more ideas about ice breakers, team building activities, ice breaker games. For example, at a winter meeting to announce summer sales goals, serve ice cream or watermelons. You have to build upon what was said last. Combine that with an improv mindset and an elephant memory for names, and you've got yourself one heck of a service rep. Pascal is Mr. Marketing at Userlike. It’s the job of the partner – let’s call her Anne – to fix this by stepping in and making sense of the scene, that way making John seem fully justified for performing his activity. Besides leading Userlike’s marketing plan for world domination, he fills his days watching old movies. John then, in return, builds on that. The Improv Encyclopedia shares the 5 Rules of Improvisation : The “Yes, and…” story telling exercise can be carried out by two people or more and builds especially on the “Don’t deny” principle. Work with a local meeting planner or restaurant to determine area-specific foods. At first, this will make John look… like a weirdo. Have participants stand in an area without major obstacles so they can move around the room freely. Welcome a. Loyalty programmes. The service rep gets a thorough exercise in conflict resolution, while the ones playing the customers get a training in empathy – filling the shoes of the customers they engage with on a daily basis. Perhaps a wine or chocolate tasting session. Power point – Hospitality Projector Tables (3-4 depending on group size) Hospitality Teaching: A. Studies on neuroimaging and brain chemical transmitter measurements showed that the transfer and storage of information in the brain is the highest when students are engaged, motivated and feel minimal stress. New York restaurateur Danny Meyer said that "hospitality is everything," according to The researchers found, however, that test subjects trained to look for “positive social feedback” were less susceptible to social stress. Hospitality Team Workshops. There are also various online games to practice your name recalling skills, such as Lumosity’s Familiar Faces or the Remember Names Game . The first 4 improv games can be done in a group; 5 and 6 are computer games that can be practiced alone. Jan 26, 2016 - Explore Shannon Morey's board "hospitality games", followed by 122 people on Pinterest. This activity works with any size group. You can now log in and get started with your new Userlike account. Icebreakers are games that encourage groups to interact with one another. So, start impressing your customers and outpace your competitors. The mobile app Psych Me Up builds on this research. After the role play, the rest of the group can give feedback – e.g. Getting the right combination of people for a team takes effort. Many of the games and ideas I’ll suggest here are based on improvisation, an area that more and more companies are discovering as a powerful tool for communication training. Having your service reps do a daily set of Psych Me Up could have a strong effect on their mental positive resilience. Remembering names is a powerful social skill. According to a study published in 2009, much of the stress we experience actually derives from fear of social rejection. Prepare for both hospitality and icebreakers at the beginning of each important meeting, retreat or training session. They, too, have a goal – to calm down the customer and minimize the damage as much as possible. Although laughing isn’t necessarily the goal, the fun surrounding improvisation is perfect for group activities and benefits the learning experience. ... We hope these ideas will inspire some creative thought for your next promotion strategy. If participants are local, coordinate the food and drink to the theme of the event. Join our list of 15,756 subscribers and get the best of our content in your inbox. Or maybe a flower arranging or bread making workshop. Please add a new topic in the discussions section here or HERE []. The performers are encouraged to be creative, especially the customers. Because of this, we’ve developed a strong fear reaction against rejection. It’s not the responsibility of John to make sense of that activity. RimWorld> Workshop > Orion's Workshop . 6,359 ratings ... Hospitality works best when loaded as late as possible. Similar findings were shared in a paper on The Neuroscience of Joyful Education . The images, ideas, and pins are transforming retreats, getaways, and events with the most beautiful and mod creations. Then say another statement so people create new groups. Community Officials It’s really about the infrastructure of communication and connecting. Welcome participants to the Healthy Church Workshop: Hospitality. Kim has 30 years training and HR management experience in the Retail, Hospitality and Pharmaceutical industry. An employee has an avatar that engages in various service positions, like housekeeping or … Music on the Green. Test Userlike for free and chat with your customers on your website, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. You can safely put it at the end of the list. With so much competition in the hospitality space, ... workshops at your hotel. Today, if you’re rejected in one group, you can easily go out and find a new one. After a few statements, continue the game with statements that introduce the topic of the event. Many of the games and ideas I’ll suggest here are based on improvisation, an area that more and more companies are discovering as a powerful tool for communication training. The improvised performance is based on certain principles – principles that can be mastered through training. You can take the story in any direction, as long as it builds on top of the previous sentence with a “yes, and…” take off. Hospitality training games don't have to take place in group settings. Part of being hospitable is to help people become comfortable in their surroundings and meet others. Hospitality is an important component of any customer experience. One is listening skills. They might not be allowed to give a refund, for example, but are allowed to give away drinks or a few weeks of free service. The performance starts based on suggestions from the audience, after which the performers improvise and make the story up on the fly. Share your name and what your position is in the life of the church and or conference. According to Help Scout , the skill set includes empathy, patience, flexibility, a calming presence, as well as communication, listening and persuasion skills. This trains your listening skills even more, since you have to pay full attention till the end of the last sentence to be able to make the correct follow-up sentence. There’s a way, though, to let your service reps live and learn these skills in a time compressed manner: training games. Dawn Trautman has been a writer for fifteen years. Allow two minutes to talk about one topic you choose. Instead of finding people who possess all of these skills, it’s easier to hire talented people with a good basis and train them towards perfection. Designate one wall of the meeting space as “true” and the opposite wall as “false.” As participants hear each statement, they must go to one side of the room or the other depending on whether the statement is true or false for them. These skills are obviously valuable in a customer service environment, in which adaptability is crucial. One person – let’s call him John – takes the stage and does any repetitive motion that comes to mind, over and over again. For example, Ultimate Team Play is a computer game that individuals can play on their PlayStations at home. Humans are social creatures, and in prehistoric times being rejected from the group meant certain death. Power point – Hospitality Projector Tables (3-4 depending on group size) Hospitality Teaching: A.