I had been searching online until I came across Andy’s blog and was astonished as I scrolled through the many years of blog posts and articles regarding Singapore’s music scene. THIS BLOG IS FREE. If there is a wish to refer to material from this website it is recommended that an attribution be included in the message. Check poster, 14 of them. Thau Yong Alice Grace Theworldface Quatrunnada Susani Brian Brushwood Diey Q. Bulyn c h a w CEO Ali Spagnola Jake Counselbaum John Rampton Cynthia Johnson Susan Bennet Lee James Lee Ann Allman Robert K. Williams Zach Binder Joel Comm Regina Baraban MMP Book My Genius Test Roger James Hamilton Cameron S. Bennett Layyina Sari Wealth Dynamics Louise Sitanggang Talent Dynamics Muhammad Nasikh Genius U El Connect FFYB Jiggly Puff HATES YOU E.O. While going through this Facebook pages the teenage spirit is transported back into the more ancient shell of people who are now grandparents .Keep up the good work !!". The music comes from Britain and the US and Singaporeans were ready for it. CLICK PIX TO READ. Infringements and inaccuracies will be deleted, so do advise. Keep on posting ya! Click Pix To Read. CLIK PIX 2 READ, All within a 9 paragraph posting, anonymous writer says as it is. Yes, we used to write our lyrics of popular songs into a thick note book and paste pictures of pop stars within the pages of the book. At five o'clock the streets are dark, Across the empty bandstand in the park. I look around me and I know Wherever I may choose to go Dawn Karen Tan  Senior Producer/Presenter @ Mediacorp. The article has genuinely peaked my interest. Let Freda Hanum, keyboardist, tell you her story about THE TEEPEES. WHY BUY EXPENSIVE BOOKS. This Blogger reserves the right to remove user-posted links for any reason, at any time, with or without notice to the user. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. CHECK CONTENT FOR OTHER STORIES. Yes, even till today, very dangerous and the idea is just to hear the bang and firecracker sounds. Andy Young, ex teacher, ex-lecturer @ NIE/NTU, member of the still active local Silver Strings that was formed in the 60s, celebrated the 12th Anniversary of his 60s Music Blog that has garnered more than 2 million readership worldwide since it began. Sail down the river which brings us life 1,800 TWEETS FOR THE WUHAN CORONA VIRUS POSTINGS ON THIS BLOG: Some lyrics too with advice and music. Too many talent and too much hard work in music has gone unnoticed and undocumented in Singapore. FROM CYLIN. CLIK PIX TO READ. Just Adorable, Soccer Vines, Thoughts, general smith, Art, LOVE QUOTES, Sheila Houlahan, speak comedy, Makeup, Deep Snap, Educational Pic, Yummy Recipes, Poetry, Typical Girl, Team, Tattoos, Dr Carl Marx, Angelo Freda, Abu Bakar, Crownn Records, Zach Nelson, Diana K, Fitness & Health, taslim, Rose, Anoop Kumar Singhai, Fauzi Ahmad, drem, H. Eugene, Raynard Lim, Smart Solutions, DinoMama, Rabeea, Siem Reap PB, M Ijaz Gondal, Laka, Boxy, Lisa Wood, Binyo Jr., Dequa, Kenny Aronoff, Jacob Dean, nobeat beat, DENISE LANDIS @The Cook's Cook, Barley Brothers, Deepak Bhardwaj, Emilia Septiani, Camilla Mathias, Shiekh Hadiya, Jessica Carlisle, Diomel M Ronnie, OG News, Christian Vind, Jessica Mack, Tenzy, m.k.t33, Tommy Birk Author, Alisha Bray, Kenny B Moyo, Patrice Truong, Better Living, Cheru. Click pix above. MOST POPULAR POSTING TODAY CLICK IMAGES BELOW TO READ POST. Write to me on the CURRENT POSTING COMMENT PAGE. ORIGINAL ARTICLES WILL BE BOOK PUBLISHED. 4. CLICK PIX TO READ. If mis-information, infringement on images or posts, do advise and they will be deleted immediately. SOME OF THE COMMENTS PROVIDE MUCH INFORMATION. Home RUN Astute Investing Nelzon Mamani GuysHealthNSuccess touchdown RAW #MyCollabEconomy Karabo Mokgoko Donella Conin EduOliveira ilusthra 441main.ca Jackie Asamoah Rebel Mogul HQ The Spoils of Golf Real Marsha Wright Front Page Buzz Zay Zoe Front Page Buzz reset warrior Bhromotto Elena Antoniadis Soph umut katirci CEMEL SUREYA Ermos ErotocritouCFP Dying Breed Music Tweetron Mark Goulston, M.D. CLIK PIX TO READ FULL STORY. I know it is finally happening.