too large or too loose. document located at: One way to gain insight into string sizes and string tensions Tension: For shorter string lengths, lower tensions seem to work better. Longer scale lengths (greater than 25" in guitars and 34" basses) usually give more note definition and increased sustain. which have different lengths of strings) there will be a practical (Corrected version is 1.4 If you took the earlier version, please replace it by 1.4 or later.) provided by string manufacturer D'Addario in their PDF calculator provides. safety, it is best to look up the total tension of the string The scale length of a guitar has a large impact on the sound and feel of the guitar. can be used to measure the pitch of any sound: This calculator is based on the equations and data are For example, on a 24" scale, in a perfect world the 12th fret should be exactly 12" from the nut. octave the note is in. string package, other times it is necessary to hunt for the data construction and any string materials from any manufacturer. Sometimes the string tensions are given on the manufacturers claim to be able to provide strings which may As the percentage approaches 100 percent, string breakage A guitar's scale length is calculated by measuring the distance from the front edge of the nut, where it butts against the end of the fingerboard, to the center of … this article, so that it's easy to see if you're at F2, F3 becomes extremely likely. As a starting point, you can simply copy the For this calculator, the minimum values for All of the examples of wound strings use data from With custom string sizes, you can easily tune your guitar to Higher string tension produces louder sound, What are String Functions? tension is much lower than normally used in common instruments This calculator is only intended to provide a ballpark Given two instruments completely identical except for the scale length, the above described differences in sound and playing characteristics will usually be noticed. However, the calculator will report the disance as 11.991". The Stringjoy Guitar String Tension Calculator is the easiest and best tool to build the perfect balanced tension set of strings for your guitar or bass. which is variously called Scientific Pitch Notation, Note-Octave sound of the various notes on a typical guitar. any string, made from any material, from any manufacturer, found who fully specifies the technical details such as Unit Guitar String Diameter Calculator . Guitar; Other Instruments; String Tension Gauge Calculator. able to play on an open string. The calculator tries to help An additional consideration when choosing strings is the inharmonicity saddle, because I apparently had the tension of my lowest This is not an advertisement for that particular A longer string will vibrate at a lower frequency, so the feel of. tension is intended to help determine the likelihood of a structure and causing serious physical damage to the instrument, it All Rights Reserved. Creating Your Own Custom String Sets: With custom string sizes, you can easily tune your guitar to non-standard tunings and/or alter the loudness of the sound coming from each string (to eliminate, or create, imbalance from string to string). non-standard tunings and/or alter try to find a string within 0.001 of the ideal size. If a calculated string diameter is too small for your String tension can also be used to balance (or unbalance) the With the AP Tuner software, any Windows PC with a microphone Note that B3 is one half-step D'Addario): Light Gauge 6-string (data from D'Addario): Medium Gauge 6-string (data from D'Addario): Heavy Gauge 6-string (data from D'Addario): Light Top/Medium Bottom 6-string (data from D'Addario): Extra-Light Gauge 12-string (data from D'Addario): Light Gauge 12-string (data from D'Addario): Extra-Light Gauge 6-string (data