The best thing to do is refuse to let the stereotypes themselves lead you down a certain path. Fender Player Lead II. Messages: 202. Joined: May 31, 2014 Location: So-Cal. Hey everyone, currently thinking about to get a new guitar (budget about 1500), since I am playing about two years now and still have a guitar from the beginning. Check with the Ebay seller offering the bridge he may also have the appropriate "narrow" saddles (I believe they are 10.5mm) for the Fender Lead Series and hardtail Strats in stock. These, simple, yet effective guitars are back with a vengeance for 2020. Actually I am playing mostly punk rock, classic rock, hard rock,.. but also like to play blues in the future. While price-wise it may not be a great beginner guitar, it is an easy guitar to play. Fender Lead II Strat? Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by Slidertom, Feb 9, 2017. Originally developed in 1979, the Fender Lead Series was launched in response to the need for high-quality, low-priced import guitars. They look a bit different than a regular Strat, in that they have two single coil pup's and different control layout. Fender Strat American Vintage Series [TOPIC OFFICIEL] (1359) FENDER Classic/Reissue Strat et Tele : réglages et conseils (1208) Rory Gallagher Tribute Strat ! When were these made and what's the story on them? And oftentimes, players sit somewhere in between. [GEAR] Need honest advice on what to buy - Fender Strat or PRS. The body is usually made of 3 pieces of either alder or ash while the necks are maple with a walnut 'skunk stripe' on their backs and a matching plug on the face of the headstock covering the end of the truss rod. (492) Tout savoir sur la Fender Stratocaster : La Strat, 60 ans de légendes … Slidertom Strat-Talker. The 2020 Fender Player Lead II guitars have been created in homage to the models of the late 70's. Fender Lead Series General Specifications The Lead Series use 250 kΩ volume and tone potentiometers and use 0.05 µF tone capacitors. The Fender Lead II's sound is a rich, and has a lot of depth to it. Be forewarned some sellers and staff are morons who can't read a ruler or caliper accurately. Compared to other guitars on the same setting on a variety of amps, the others have a higher and some have a twangy sound - not condusive for someone serious about guitar sound. SAMPLES pg 42 (1014) Fender Strat + users club (747) FENDER ERIC JOHNSON STRATOCASTER USER'S CLUB (581) Strat mex, que choisir ? Throughout the ages, guitarists have gravitated towards either the Strat or the Tele. I never heard of these or seen one. You can only be truly informed after playing them yourself. PHOTOS pg 5 !