Rivera was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activists Alliance. Rivera was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activists Alliance. The young LGBTQ activist now has her own show called “I am Jazz.” The show highlights her life as a trans girl. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, a close friend of Johnson's and a transgender rights activist, founded, Johnson is known for her involvement alongside Rivera during the. LGBT rights activist in evangelical communities, writer on intersection of faith and LGBT issues Today's LGBTQ activists follow a long line of people who dedicated their lives to changing the way the world sees members of their community. Kramer's controversial calls on activists to take the AIDS crisis into their own hands helped push the FDA to eventually approve the use and distribution of experimental drugs that helped save the lives of AIDS patients. He was one of the first to sound the alarm for the HIV/AIDS crisis. His contributions to the LGBTQ community boil down to the impact he made as a pioneer in drag, and how "Drag Race" drastically changed the way millions of Americans view — and appreciate — a key facet of gay culture. • Marja-Sisko Aalto (b. 12 trans women and non-binary activists you should have learned about in history class This article has been updated with additional reporting by Kitty Lindsay . He was in the proverbial trenches fighting for LGBTQ rights and organized AIDS activists even before he was diagnosed as HIV positive. 'One Day At A Time' Has Been Cancelled Again, New 'Mortal Kombat' Game Reveals Mileena Is a Lesbian, Watch the Heartwarming Trailer for Lifetime's 'The Christmas Setup', Orlando Bloom's Short Shorts (& Butt) Are Making Us Thirsty AF, Trans Girls Are Popular Too—Josie Totah Proves It in Saved by the Bell, Wentworth Miller Calls Out Hollywood's Heteronormative Representation, AOC Defends Harry Styles From Homophobes Who Are Mad He Wore a Dress, Watch Miley Cyrus & Dua Lipa's Steamy, Sapphic Road Trip in 'Prisoner', Ryan Phillippe Thought Parents Would 'Disown' Him Over Gay Roles. "We want gays to represent gays," Milk told the San Francisco Examiner in 1977, and his position as an LGBTQ public official helped bring the community's issues to prominence. But her friends and fellow activists believe she was killed, a theory that was the highlighted in the. She is vocal and openly advocates against discrimination against the trans community. In addition to writing about injustice, she travels to speak internationally on the side of the poor, disenfranchised, and oppressed. The term "transgender" wasn't commonly used in Marsha's lifetime, but she identified as a "transvestite," gay and a drag queen and used she/her pronouns. She continues to stand for LGBT rights next to her beautiful wife, Portia de Rossi, whom she wedded in California in 2008. bell hooksbell hooks (a stylized pen name for Gloria Jean Watkins) is the author of a multitude of books and articles on feminism, including Feminism Is for Everybody and Ain’t I a woman? Eve SedgwickWell known by any Women’s Studies major, Sedgwick is a matriarch of queer theory. The young LGBTQ activist now has her own show called “I am Jazz.” The show highlights her life as a trans girl. Her art changed the way many see feminism and emboldened women from all backgrounds. Kramer rose to prominence battling what he cited as negligence from the FDA and the US government. Brandan Robertson (1992-). 1954), Finnish Evangelic-Lutheran priest After winning the US Open in 1972, she threatened to boycott the next year if men and women were not awarded the same prize money. Since her becoming a series regular on Orange Is the New Black, Cox has become the first trans person to cover TIME, the first trans woman to receive a … Harvey Milk was one of the first openly gay politicians elected to office in the United States, and the first openly gay official elected in California. Salvador is a mother of two, including a trans daughter, and is the first trans person to adopt a child in Brazil, according Al Día. Milk was no stranger to death threats and acknowledged there was a possibility he would be assassinated. Here are 9 trans activists who are fighting to make the world and safer and more welcoming place for trans women, men and non-binary people. Here are a few prominent figures who changed the course of LGBTQ history. Their stories provide accurate and personal accounts of what it is like to be transgender, the importance of inclusion, Trans rights and why we all need to fight trans-phobia. She is perhaps best known for her work, the Epistemology of the Closet in which she explores the meaning of hetero and homosexuality and the how queerness exists as a separate, less restricting entity. (CNN)Activism takes different forms, whether it's marching in the streets, speaking on behalf of marginalized people or influencing pop culture to embrace people from society's fringes.