Epiphone SHERATON-II PRO is a very popular option at the top of the price range. Sheraton II - only made in Korea ? Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Silver Supporting Member. If I were buying a MIC semi-hollow today, I think that I would go with the Epi 339 or an Ibanez. Très intéressé par cet article, j'ai très envie de m'offrir ce bijou d'autant qu'Epiphone vient de sortir le modèle 2015.Il s'agit de la SHERATON II PRO 2015 équipée de nouveaux micros splitable ProBucker-2 et ProBucker-3 avec un sillet GRAPHTECH NUBONE XL pour une meilleure tenue du son. The Pro version has a lot of premium parts - Gibson USA pickups instead of the Korean ones, or where ever that are sourcing their off-shore pickups these days - Grover Tuners, Graphtec parts, in general a lot of the upgrade things you may consider doing to an import instrument - exact same body/neck construction materials from the same factory, just better stuff put on it at the factory. Une finition supplémentaire est disponible : "WINE RED" en plus des 3 déjà existantes. The main difference between the both is the humbuckers that they have, the Sheraton II PRO has a ProBucker 2 and a ProBucker 3 while the Sheraton II has Alnico Classic Humbuckers in both spots! It's in the top 3 bestselling guitars and has quite a few popular alternatives in the same price range, such as D'Angelico SS Kurt Rosenwinkel or Schecter 6 String Corsair.. Epiphone SHERATON-II PRO is $424.99 more expensive than the average guitar ($675). Thread starter gillman royce; Start date Oct 29, 2020; G. gillman royce. Tones. Ibanez AS93 Vs Epiphone Sheraton – Comparison Overview. These two guitars are quality, and they are affordable. Epiphone Sheraton II vs. Epiphone ES-335 Pro. It’s the perfect instrument to get all sorts of jazz sounds. I owned a MIC Epiphone Dot and MIK Sheraton II, from about 10 years ago. Both seem … The neck and fretwork was much better on the Sheraton, at that time. By surfgreen, August 29, 2012 in Epiphone Electrics. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Epiphone SHERATON-II PRO is a more popular guitar, based on its reviews. Here is my Epiphone Sheraton II pro review to see how this jazz guitar stacks up against the competition. Epiphone Sheraton II vs. Sheraton II Pro. I sold both and bought a Heritage H535 and Ibanez AS73. Messages 3,241. Sold both and now own a PRS Zach Myers and S2 Singlecut semi-hollow (6.8 lbs). When playing this is jazz guitar I was very impressed at how well it sounds. You can play the big band sounds of the 40s and 50s, as well as modern sounding. Hey! Oct 29, 2020 #1 Hi Guys ! Thinking of acquiring one of these but I'm a bit confused on a couple of issues so hopefully you can straighten me out. There are a few things that could’ve been done better, but most of them would have increased the price of the product. I am solid body player at the moment, but looking into these guys. surfgreen 0 surfgreen 0 Member; Members; 0 23 posts; Report post; Posted August 29, 2012. So Epiphone SHERATON-II PRO tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Epiphone ES-339 Pro, as seen on the chart below. Hello all, seeking some expert advice on these 2 semi-hollows.