We’re updating our Ecodestinations page. We inform you and organise an itinerary that best matches your desires. The United States has some amazing ecotourism destinations you'll be happily exploring! But how can ecotourists see America’s best ecotourism destinations while minimizing the impact of their visit? The aim of ecotourism is to provide a fun, relaxing vacation while protecting the surrounding ecosystem. However, the International Ecotourism Society predicts the ecotourism industry will soar to $470 billion annually by 2016. Ecotourism destinations in North America. Big Island, Hawaii ; Explored by Noel from This Hawaii Life. We promote ecotourism since 1996. Ecotourism was little more than a dream in the 1970s. There’s so much for the ecotourist to see and do that it can be tough to know where to start, so we’ve decided to make it easier and run through the top 10 ecotourism experiences in Central and South America. If you want to experience tropical nature and wildlife in a compact and safe form, Costa Rica is your perfect destination. Ecotourism in Costa Rica. (photo via Bakstad/iStock/Getty Images Plus) WHY IT RATES: Ecotourism is a growing trend in the travel industry, and with this list by RAVE Reviews, travelers have a great opportunity to tailor their vacations to these eco-friendly destinations. 10. Ecotourism in Latin America is experiencing a boom and slow travel is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of nature in this part of the world. Conscious ecotourism in Belize . The Best Ecotourism Destinations in the US. What exactly is ecotourism, and why is it so important? RAVE Reviews, the innovative site that publishes entertaining rankings based on advanced data-driven analysis, has published a ranking series of "America's Best Ecotourism Destinations." Destination & Tourism March 25, 2019 PHOTO: A black bear at Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park. Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing travel industries in the United States. Send us information in ecotourism in your country here: info @ ecotourism.org Visiting the Big Island of Hawaii is one of the best ecotourism destinations you can travel for a sustainable vacation and feel good about your footprint on the island. Whether it is strolling along a beach in California or spotting alligators in the Everglades, traveling is an exciting… While thinking up our ultimate ecotourism road trip — to be taken in a Tesla or Prius, of course — we answered these questions and a whole lot more. Ecotourism in Latin America is exciting and progressive, as well as locally focused and sustainable minded.