The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world with more than 1,200 stores of many major brands and designers. The 80 foot Dino that roars silently into the awed faces of visitors and shoppers is a still standing example of how Dubai has managed to change the way the world shops. Guest Post: Some Facts About the Dubai Mall. They are the Living Ocean, Rocky Shore and Rainforest. Another interesting attraction is the Ice Rink. The first sub Saharan country which declared the independence, If you want to know the profession which involves with the design and plan for office building, houses and. More than 300 different species of marine animals are spotted on Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. In a week, it hosted 750,000 visitors. The Aquarium at the Dubai Mall is the largest indoor aquarium in the world. At Dubai Mall you do not only find shopping stores but a lot of entertainment for family travelers. If you are planning to visit Dubai Mall, find Dubai Mall timings, entry fees, location and other important facts at Goibibo. 37) Dubai is a destination for the world’s biggest things, and that also includes the world’s biggest shopping mall. It houses within itself a 250-room luxury hotel, SEGA indoor theme park, Olympic sized Ice Rink and over 120 restaurants. Home to the largest shopping mall in the world. It is approximately 107 feet wide … Dubai mall is the largest shopping mall in the world. Dubai Mall is a very popular building in the world. There are hundreds of mosques in Dubai and the call to prayer can be heard five times a day throughout the city. The name. Built to international standards, this is one shopping mall in Dubai that can give some of the top malls in the world a good run for their money. Let us get other interesting facts about Dubai Mall below: Dubai Mall is a very popular building in the world. Facts about Dubai Mall 1: the visitors. With a concierge service to maximise all your in-house viewing at the Reel Cinemas, this movie watching experience is something you will never forget. The Dubai Mall spans 5.9 million square feet, has over 1200 shops, a full-sized ice skating rink, a luxury hotel and 120 places to eat. 4. Dubai Mall gets around 75 million visitors every year! At the Summit Creative Awards 2005 in Portland, the mall won three awards for their brochure. Dubai was formed in 1971 and is one of seven states that consist of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Find how to reach Dubai Mall … It features a 5-star hotel - Dubai International Hotel, many apple stores, a swimming pool, a gym, Snoozecubes, jacuzzi and not one but TWO zen gardens! When you’re in Dubai, hospitality comes first, and lo and behold- all your parking hassles are taken care of! It is a part of the Downtown complex, which consumed 20 billion dollars for its construction. It is widely acknowledged that the biggest malls of the world are located in Asia, “great” being a matter of size and not of attendance. 12 Interesting facts about Dubai. Even after years of it being opened up to the general public, first time visitors to the Dubai Mall are amazed at every step. It was visited by 54 million people in 2011. 2016-12-30 2016-12-29 Jesper United Arab Emirates. Get to know more about the Norman castle located in Northern Ireland on Facts about Carrickfergus Castle. At that time, it housed 1,000 retailers. The aquarium’s acrylic panel, weighing more than 2, 45,000 kilograms and … Facts about Dubai Mall inform the readers with a big shopping mall located in Dubai. 10 Facts about Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall houses the world's most extensive acrylic panel. It is the largest mall in the world with a total area of 3.8 million square feet, almost the same size of 50 football fields. Now that’s a lot of area to be covered! Singapore Tour Packages | Largest Mall in the Whole World – The Dubai Mall Dubai Largest Mall in the Whole World.