2 years ago. Good for adding heat while not changing the flavor of food much. The Carolina Reaper was specifically bred for heat. Yep. Here are a few suggestions for using these fiery peppers. In addition to intense heat, Carolina Reapers have sweet, roasted flavor. The Reaper, a hybrid created by Ed Currie of South Carolina, is a cross between the Ghost pepper and red habanero. 1 Ounce Dried Carolina Reaper Powder $11.19 $0.00; 1 Pound Dried Carolina Reaper Powder $111.86 $0.00; 10 Kilogram - 22 Pounds Carolina Reaper Powder $1,342.36 $0.00; 20 Kilogram - 44 Pounds Carolina Reaper Powder $2,237.27 $0.00; 4 Ounce Dried Carolina Reaper Powder $36.61 $0.00; 4 Ounce Dried Carolina Reaper Powder Website Sale Price $36.61 $0.00 The new world record holder, the Carolina Reaper. Perfect to use as dry rubs or drop a whole pepper in any stews . 1 oz bag contains approximately 30 peppers. Make Reaper Flakes One great use is to make Reaper flakes. Jul 16, 2016 - Our dried Carolina Reaper pods are a great way to experience the world's hottest pepper! This pepper is considered the hottest chile in the world—5 times as hot as a habanero chile pepper! Our Dried Carolina Reaper Peppers are whole with stems intact. 1. The Carolina Reaper has been tested at 1,569,300 Scoville units and officially the hottest pepper that met the testing criteria from Guinness. This means 10lb of fresh Reaper peppers will make 1lb of dried Carolina Reaper Pods that contain 8-11% moisture. Dried Carolina Reaper Yellow [2,000,000 SHU] Carolina Reaper Yellow, "Classic Carolina's brother" is a chilli variety created in South Carolina with Pakistani Naga Morich and Habanero Yellow, becoming the hottest pepper in the world in 2013, overcoming its predecessor Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Use caution when working with these chiles. Deliciously spicy aroma will hit your nose as soon as you open the bag of dried peppers. Dried Carolina Reaper Peppers by OliveNation are hot. Dry em out in the oven, pulverize, throw in a grinder. When fresh, these peppers are about 2" and they shrink and get wrinkly as they are dried. The moisture level is important because the lower the moisture content, the safer it is to consume. Carolina Reaper Pepper is the current hottest pepper by Guinness World Records. When we grind dry Carolina Reaper peppers to powder or flakes, we lose an extra 5-10% of the weight. The end result will be similar to the crushed red pepper flakes that are ubiquitous in pizza places, except the