Choose from over 20 different visual tools. Use all of the tools featured in the book Design A Better business, including the well-known Business Model Canvas, Experiment Canvas, and many more. Use all of the 20+ tools from Design A Better Business including the well-known Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, and Experiment Canvas, but also the awesome new Team Charter and Design … Whether you're a business leader, aspiring entrepreneur, corporate innovator, growth investor, social impact change agent or enterprising student, Design a Better Business is the comprehensive guide to the new tools, skills and mindsets required to master ambiguity and create value from uncertainty. We’ve included tons of real-world examples of people who have mastered the fundamentals of design… Design a Better Business introduces readers to the double loop design … DBB All Canvases (A4 Size) All 20+ canvases from Design A Better Business, as print ready PDFs on A4 format (29.7 x 21 cm, 11.7x8.3 in) This book will provide you with new tools, skills, and a mindset to harness opportunities born of uncertainty in order to design a better business.