The harmonic minor scale is easy to create - all you need Since we're talking "dark" harmonies let's assume a minor key. here before the "learn music theory" comments, harmonic minor is also very dark, just try one note and build on top of it. I know the phrygian scale is used a lot but what else? i use fl studio so you can stamp scales and use them as ghost notes, does it matter what note you stamp it to? Here’s how these are created: Btw, all of these scales and more are included in my trap toolkit - check it out! or to over simplify, use the minor scale as the structural backbone of what you're trying to do and experiment with changing one note here and there. Enigmatic Minor and Hungarian Major as well. Couldn’t put it better myself, This is definitely the best answer. There are some patterns, though… of Billboard’s Top 10 Trap hits of all time , 60% are in either F or G (including Minors)! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For me dark is that child piano playing happy melody at horror movies Classical simple example for Major and Minor- start on C and play any white note and you get Major. I’d add that octotonic can also be dope, but it’s a little more out there. Don’t get too hung up on it though, and occasionally use the 2 or b6 from the minor scale for extra sauce. The Pure Minor scale (official name: Aeolian mode), is the “saddest” of the seven fundamental modes. Rare but it's got a dark … Archived. Good luck! 2. What keys are dark trap songs usually in? minor: basic sad, sounds like most things you've heard before, phrygian: just like minor, but with a flatted second. Dorian mode. Don’t get too hung up on it though, and occasionally use the 2 or b6 from the minor scale for extra sauce. For instance, hang out on the 1 in an upper octave and occasionally move up the the 3rd above, and you have a recipe for an aggressive rock melody. Use the bartok scale or any bebop scales you can find. Minor Scales. save. Natural minor scale (Aeolian mode) Sentimental, tragic. Minor scale melodies are mostly moody and dark. Hip, sophisticated, jazzy. Some of the darkest trap beats come from a middle eastern style. now take any one of those scales and change the b7 to a major 7, aka raise it by 1/2 step, and you'll have a very noticeable 'harmonic minor' sort of sound added to the mix. Press J to jump to the feed. What keys are dark trap songs usually in? Unlike EDM, Trap music varies between Major and Minor Key quite frequently. What are some dark trap chords? Man I do not know your level, so I just wrote some notes from minor scale, because minor usually sounds dark. Not specifically related to the scale, but I like the effect of the 808 or bass going to the b3 of the minor scale as a transition, usually on its way to the 4 or 5. It alternates halfsteps and wholesteps; one possible spelling would be: C, D, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, A, B, C. See, there are 8 pitches in this scale (not including the doubled C) hence the name "octotonic". 20% are in B Flat, with one entry each for D Flat and E Flat. Using the b2 is even darker, so I might do that for a really dark feel. report. Listen to some Shostakovich to get the vibe, it’s his favorite. Same pitches as E-flat major. The octotonic scale, my friend. Another unique scale to use is pentatonic minor. Same pitches as F melodic minor. Trap Scale sample pack from Function Loops is a production toolkit especially created for Trap & Hip Hop producers seeking to inject popular modern Trap sounds into their next productions.. Mix in other notes of course, but emphasize the semitone (minor second) interval. Nobuo Uematsu (the composer for the Final Fantasy game franchise) has made some pretty dissonant stuff, check out: Nobuo Uematsu - One Winged Angel. There are a bunch of tutorials out there explaining a bunch of different trap scales. Here is the spelling: 1, 2, b3, 4, 5, b6, b7. Close. But dark is not dark for everyone. The sound pack includes 5 Royalty-Free Construction Kits.You will find Stems, Drum & Melodic Loops, MIDI files, and One-Shots ready for your favorite sampler. I think that pentatonic scale melodies are always a dope starting point. Dark scales: phrygian, anything minor really (aeolian, locrian, harmonic minor etc.) Check out the drop of "Do you?" this is a great response thank you! This time the focus is on darker, melodic vibes. by Troyboi for an example of an arabic bassline. Last thought is to figure out your target notes that will be highlighted by the melody, and think of all the notes of (whatever) scale as a catalog of options, along with types of melodic movements. These scales have a flat third (the note that is three semitones above the root), which gives them a darker and more tragic feel.