It is cheap, easy to use, and does not take up a lot of space when not in use. Billed as your first telescope experience, this bite-sized scope does everything it can to make your entry into astronomy as easy and unobtrusive as possible. The optical tube has a design which contains the names of important scientists and astronomers marked on it, as a pay to pay tribute to the men and women who brought us one step closer to understanding our universe. This telescope is best for looking at stars and starfields but can be used to view the planets and other celestial objects when conditions are right. Focal Ratio: f/4 The mount Total Telescope Kit Weight: 4.3 lbs (1.95 kg). It is the perfect entry point into the wider world of astronomy for people who are interested in the field but find the whole thing to be a little intimidating at first glance. The body of the scope is covered with a clever and stylish wrap that highlights some of the most famous names in astronomy. Simply turn it to the new area of the sky that you want to look at and you are good to go. Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area: 14% You’ll find the first model from the range under the exact name of the range, “FirstScope”. Magnification of Eyepiece 2: 75 x Mirror Type: Spherical Overall this might be an ideal first telescope for your kid as it has enough power to enable the discovery of the moon and our solar system. Due to the telescope’s small size and shape, plus the flat base, it is able to be placed on a desk or bookshelf or windowsill with ease. Focal Length: 300mm Focal Length: 300 mm (12 in) For adults who are truly interested in astronomy, I would caution you to look elsewhere only because for a little bit more money you can get a telescope that you can really grow into over the course of months or years. It gives the tube a nice look but doesn’t chance the optics or the power of the telescope at all. Celestron FirstScope is a budget-friendly gateway to astronomy. Telescopes for Beginners is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It is the telescope for noncommittal people. Finderscope: StarPointer Cometron FirstScope is a lovely little device that can show some of the secrets of the Universe. Optical Tube Length: 10 in (254 mm) Celestron NexStar 8SE Computerized Telescope Review. Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 11.9 This is not a super powerful telescope nor is it very customizable or versatile but what you’re giving up in those areas, you receive back tenfold in absolute simplicity that many will appreciate. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The mount seems solid and has adjustable tension … See All Buying Options. Total Telescope Kit Weight: 4.3 lbs (1.95 kg). It is perfect for kids or for someone who wants to see what a small telescope can do. Optical Coatings: Aluminum with SiO2 It is perfect for kids or for someone who wants to see what a small telescope can do. All positive reviews › zeroby0. I am an adult, who is new to astronomy, and this is my first telescope. The low magnification allows you to search around the sky for recognizable or interesting patches without going into too much detail. Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye): 118 x Posted on July 29, 2020 November 23, 2020 by Lee. Optical Coatings: Aluminum with SiO2 For better or for worse, astronomy can be a hard hobby to get into. This will allow them to explore the night sky without having any of the frustrations or hiccups that can accompany larger telescopes. Other than that it’s the same with the rest of the models, being just a question of which design option you choose. As far as design goes, this model has to be the one with the most advanced look, and although it has a few extra benefits with the original model, the overall performances are the same. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Celestron Cometron FirstScope is as low-powered as any telescope can be. That makes it a fantastic conversation piece or office ornament that will store safely out of the way and look great doing it. The finderscope is most useful to the first two models in this range as they don’t include any finderscope. The same things that make this telescope a great buy for kids or young astronomers are the same reasons why it is perfect for beginners as well. This one can be placed as low as you want so that it easily rests at your kid’s level. Package Type: Frustration-Free Packaging Change. The FirstScope accessory kit was specially designed for the FirstScope telescopes. It’s again the same build as all the telescopes from this range. And as a further incentive you’ll also be receiving a free download of the National Parks Guidebook and the SkyPortal planetarium app. For example, some refractors come with equatorial mounts which you can learn to align and track objects with and some medium sized reflectors allow you to slowly look deeper into space as your knowledge grows. All in all, this is a solid telescope that is surprisingly good for how small and affordable it is but it is not for everyone. Usually, the primary concern for a buyer is cost since they’re unwilling to invest in an instrument if a child does not end up interested or sticking with the hobby. Celestron FirstScope is a budget-friendly gateway to astronomy. This means it will be great for broad views of the night sky that encompass large swaths of stars but it will not do a great job of focusing on single bright objects. The second telescope in this range in the National Park Foundation one. The FirstScope is an excellent kids telescope best suited to users aged 7-13. One thought on “ Celestron FirstScope Review ” Roger July 5, 2020 at 6:37 pm. Be warned, you may find yourself yearning for … Total Telescope Kit Weight: 4.3 lbs. This is the perfect setting for the night sky peruser who just wants to browse every once in a while. While this is not standard with all telescopes, some Celestron telescopes do ship with a Barlow lens. Secondary Mirror Obstruction: 1.1 in (28 mm) We’ll go through each of the models in the range and also over the “FirstScope” accessory kit which … Celestron FirstScope telescope review Read More » However, usable does not necessarily mean good , and that’s what we’ll focus on in this review. It has a good built quality and a considerable amount of optical power for the price. ~Carl Sagan. This gives it a low amount of light gathering ability but still more than enough to see some of the most basic sights in the night sky. Focal Length of Eyepiece 2 (mm): 4 mm (0.16 in) The additional eyepieces are also very welcomed as it add the possibility of additional zoom power. So far, according to the book I've seen Europa. This is the perfect telescope to dabble with. If you get this telescope as a complete novice and find that you have a true interest in pursuing astronomy further, you are guaranteed to have to upgrade at some point anyways. It’s also very portable weighing only 4lbs (2kg) in total which is a very strong point for this telescope. But unlike the previous two models, it has some additional features that partly justify it’s slightly higher price point. It’s a great addition for a new astronomer. Finderscope: 5×24 The scope is shipped fully assembled. This is one of the main reasons why they are very good for children wanting to discover the night sky. Optical Tube Length: 10″ Secondary Obstruction: 28mm, 36% by diameter, 13.5% by area In the box, you get the telescope itself, the Dobsonian-style tabletop base, two eyepieces (4mm and 20mm) as well as a copy of Starry Night Astronomy Software. Four centuries […] Focal Ratio: 3.95 National math and reading tests in U.S. postponed until 2022 due to coronavirus. The Celestron FirstScope Telescope comes with two handy dandy eyepieces included in the box. This is the most popular telescope from the range. Resolution Rayleigh: 1.83 arc seconds / Dawes Limit: 1.53 arc seconds You will not find any growth opportunities with this telescope. Magnification of Eyepiece 1: 15 x You might be able to find some attachments or accessories that will work with it but due to its limited size and functionality, you are going to hit a wall pretty quickly. Highest Useful Magnification: 180 x Who is the Celestron FirstScope Best Suited to? While this is not standard with all telescopes, some Celestron telescopes do ship with a Barlow lens. Aperture: 76mm (3”) Best star projectors and home planetariums, Orion 8945 SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian review, Orion 09798 StarBlast 4,5 Equatorial Reflector. Write a review. The base is a solid, flat base, designed to be placed on a sturdy flat surface. Focal Length of Eyepiece 1 (mm): 20 mm (0.79 in) Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye): 118 x The actual box contains the telescope along with 2 eye-pieces, a 20mm and a 4mm one.