Spandex? (3), November Temperature- Not all vinyl applies at the same temperature. (3), July Canvas is not a … US/CanadaMon to Fri: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ETInternationalMon to Fri: 2 p.m. to 1 a.m. UTC. It seems like I’m doing everything right, from what you’ve said. Very helpful. An untreated canvas works best for this! I even cut design from a different piece of HTV, bought at a different time, from a different place. (2), December in your shopping cart now and take 15% off your vinyl! Ironing Vinyl on a Canvas. STILL not sticking? 2. Peeling incorrectly can definitely ruin your design- believe me. Oracle 651 comes in a variety of colors, including glitter, so you will have lots of options with your design. All of these things can be the root of the problem. Is your HTV not sticking to your shirt or bag? Who wants to waste time AND vinyl? If using a household iron, you do NOT recommend using an ironing board or granite/stone... so what do you recommend to allow for a lot of pressure, please? (2), June (3), August Great info I’m brand new to this game but very enthusiastic I’ve bought several “vintage” iron on transfers that are original from the 70’s So there’s really no “recipe” directions on temp or time I just tried to find similar samples. (5), November Your design should have transferred! Since you’re using heat transfer vinyl, it’s going to transfer with heat – aka, your iron (or a heat press). If you need more help with vinyl types, see my vinyl guide here. No one, I’m sure! 3. Do you need a heat printing pillow? What do I do? I have emailed. (4), May Working with HTV doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It wasn't sticking to the material, and even seemed to be melting the carrier. (1), March Pressure- This is usually an issue you’ll run into with using an iron rather than a heat press. Thanks. 4. (6), February If you’re not sure if you’re getting enough pressure with your household iron, put a little more weight behind it. Time, temperature, and pressure are all extremely important factors when you are using HTV (heat transfer vinyl). I followed the instructions and my iron-on didn’t stick. Copyright © 2020 Happy Crafters. Do you think thats why? (1), August (4), July Is it peeling up after being washed in the laundry? (4), January Are you peeling your carrier hot or cold? an entire sheet of vinyl and a shirt wasted after 1 wash. I’m having an issue with my easyweed coming off and I am following all the suggested instructions. Pressing or ironing for too long can have the same effect. (6), June Be sure heat has been applied to both the front and the back of the design for the recommended time. There are a lot of reasons this could be happening, but the four most common reasons are easily solved with a few tips. (4), December Using 2 different presses for the same time/temp/pressure I have for 2+ years, the Passion Pink is peeling off after 1 wash. (1), July Verify that your Cricut EasyPress is set to the recommended settings. Your Vinyl is not Sticking to Your Transfer Tape Scenario 1: You create a decal but when you go to pick it up with the transfer tape, the vinyl refuses to release from the backing paper. You lose a lot of pressure when there are raised areas on the shirt taking away from the pressure that is actually hitting your design. Cricut EasyPress did not make full contact with the base material. I am having the same problem with my press on 375 and pressing the Cricut HTV its only sticking half of the image, I have tried moving it around my press and it is still not sticking. Give us a call at 888-888-4154 or send an email, we’re happy to help! It’s tough to push down super hard on your design with your iron, especially if it’s a large design. ​​The most common reasons for your images not sticking: Send us a message and we will get in touch. This blog has a full description on what pillows do and how they can help! (6), April Are you using the correct settings?