Related: Handsome Two Syllable Boy Names Malin is a name that comes from England. There are many names that mean tough for a boy or a girl. 58. With Anglo-Saxon origins, this name means “wild boar,” or “strong.” Liam Dating back to biblical associations, it has been a name that has gone through the ages which has stood the test of time. Here are 20 baby names that mean strong. Aiden: (Irish) Meaning “fiery”, this is one strong boy name for babies.While it’s quite popular for boys to be named this, it’s also becoming popular as a unisex baby name as well. Or, think about names that simply have the connotation of strength. These baby names can come from different cultures and languages. With a mix of traditional and unusual names, there’s something for all.. Aaron: which means “mountain of strength”. The name Henry for a little boy was surprisingly more popular in the late 1800s, but it's still going strong today. Top Strong Boy Names. As such, it is a great name to choose if you want a strong and powerful baby boy name. Strong-willed, strength, exalted, brave—choose a name with a powerful meaning that will grow with your baby. Boy baby names that mean strong. If your family or your baby had to overcome obstacles, then you can select a name meaning fighter or survivor. It was also the 12th most popular boy's name in 2019 and a total classic judging by the number of kings going back centuries named Henry. Strong boy names might be those that mean strength, power, or might. Malin. Meaning ‘strong’ and ‘manly’, this is a name full of strength and substance that are important characteristics for a boy’s name. The top boy names meaning strong or … Oswald is a name that means divine power. Maximus (Max): A classic strong name meaning “Greatest”. Adrian: (Latin) While this name means (Man of Adra), it’s actually a masculine Latin name that was given to several martyrs and various saints. And that strength can be a lot of things: being physically strong, but also being strong in convictions and spirit. Or they might be names that convey a strong image or carry an association with power — physical, mental, or spiritual. Oswald. We decided to find names that literally or closely mean strength or strong. Here’s our top boys names that have their meanings derived from names meaning strong and courageous. It is said to mean a strong, little warrior. The name has several different spellings and means "ruler of an enclosure." 57. Everett If you’re looking for an E name, Everett’s a bold and trendy choice. Choosing a name meaning warrior or protector might be the right selection for your strong baby. Andrew is a name that means strong or manly. One of the most timeless strong baby boy names, Ethan is a top 10 favorite and comes from the Old Testament. Look to strong people in history for inspiration, specifically strong women.