VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Close. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They have always been known for engine problems and yet people buy them like they are the best thing. I have a 2011 103 utlra classic ,that my wife bought for 40th birthday , she has 50000 miles on her no problems what's so ever, so victory guy keep talking shit about a legend when your discontinued Victory is no more. My 'Busa may be a rice grinder, but she hauls-ass big time! Have a friend who has a 2013 Street Glide had the same problem at 3000 miles. These motors are also outfitted with a counterbalancer, which helps maintain the fluid as you move through the gears. V-Twin Harley Davidson forum. SMFH I bought a 2017 SGS and I put on 5000 miles in 3 months and have not had one problem . Jump to Latest Follow ... that should take care of the problem '17 Road Glide Ultra - Fuel Moto 2-1-2 header, RC Components 4" Slipons. 2018 manual All motorcycles are badass. 2018 … 3000 miles on my FLHTK limited Zero problems Haters gonna hate. #2 • Jan 9, 2018 Another common problem with HD big twin heads was a 'Hairline crack' between the sparkplug hole and the exhaust valve. And yes I do right mine and you can bet the sidecar puts more stress on it. I have a 2014 Street Glide with 14k and it's already got a bad compensator along with multiple boom box and suspension issues, I'll never buy another. Haven't even made the first payment, soooooo frustrating on a 25k motorcycle" and "My 17 street glide special leaked in the same spot they said it was the oil cooler check valve and the crank sensor o-ring they replaced the o-ring and had to go back 5 days latter when the check valve came in .It started leaking worse after the o=ring took it back for the check vale and haven't seen a drop of oil since . The problem with the new M-8 is a simple fix once Harley was aware of the problem which is an oil hose pinch clamp that was not made tight enough on some of their 2017 line-up and this caused oil to run out where the hose connected to the oil cooler and some owners were unaware of the leak until the oil had run out causing the engine to over heat and freeze up. No Thanks I will not buy a new Harley until they work these bugs out !! . For those of you with this new motor, have you experienced any problems? West Point ye…. Are you really that insecure. Rode my 2018 King Special to the 1000 mile mark, and put in a Feuling hi-perf pump and their camplate....of course while in there a hot cam, new lifters, w lifter collars and adjustable push rods....absolutely no issues. 's ass all day every day on the track lol!! Milwaukee 8 spark knock. If you think this is bullshit look in your Owners manual which you do not get until after your purchase. Only 1,832 miles to date though. A few four letter words later I got under the bike looking, oil all on the bottom of bike, I can see where its coming from, its on the right side, its a line running from the motor to the oil cooler. one bike the motor went bad at 1800 miles , the other went bad at 1200 miles !! I do take care of my bikes and they were all good and strong running . Not one thing you said can be confirmed. Site your sources…looks like Victory got replaced. I have an appointment for my 1000 mile break in service tomorrow. I have rode them all. I have two friends who purchased new M8s recently and BOTH had oil pressure problems and one of those got a new engine. Harley’s new engine is apparently having problems…. #bikesncustoms, The only thing that I've read about any kind of oil leak is on Street Glide. Its actually a high RPM issue when the engine has so much vacuum/pressure that the problem occurs. Why is the horsepower so low on H-D's? New 2017 Harley touring models will be equipped with the Milwaukee-Eight 107 ci (1750 cc) motor. Another reason to not buy a Harley! Parents must not have shown you enough attention when you were little. 2013 Vegas 2017 Magnum X1, You ass hole keep riding your Victory, you wish you had a Harley. You were riding through Pearland. April 8, 2018 at 4:49 pm I went to the dealership to get the correct information they said Harley Davidson has all ready voided warranty repair for exhaust even mufflers being changed. This transfer is through the tunnel where the clutch push rod goes through the main shaft in the transmission. This line has a rinky dink spring clip holding it on, why would anyone put a clip like that holding an oil line on! Everybody wanted bigger Brit Bikes. Expanding and over-filled hot oil simply finds the easiest way out. But, it not going to sump, unless you ride it. I have a 2017 Road Glide SP. I used to own a victory , the only good part was the engine , never get neutral , prime big noise , drive belt noise ,wind buffeting big problem , heavy on the steering head , saddle bag keep opening , lifter noise the dealer would not repair , after two year of trying to repair the bike I got to sale the junk and that was hard to sell . We heard great things about it, but we had to try it to see what all the fuss was about – and what better way to really see how it compares to the … I live another exit away from there and was interesting in getting into motorcycle riding. I'm thinking about buying one, but I've read some posts about the new Milwaukee 8, admittedly, most seem to be with the 2017. Posted by 1 year ago. Heyyyyy. Milwaukee-Eight™ engines are all rubber mounted on the 2017 and 2018 touring bikes and 2018 Softails, offering a smoother idle at the stoplight. "Blow-by", or engine puking oil out of the carb/throttle-body and air filter, is usually caused by filling a bike with too much oil i.e., past the high level mark. in the 2017 StreetGlide section where a few people have noticed an oil leak from a line coming form the oil cooler "Was in the garage looking at my bike and noticed oil on the floor. I had to changed the pipes to get the right sound.I have had 4 Harles In the last 45 years and each one better then the one before. Perhaps that is because they have had the chance to reach up miles or it was the initial introduction of a new, unrefined motor. And I love it . Seems new Harley motors take a few years to uncover and fix issues that should/could have been engineered right to begin with... Haven't paid much attention to M8s, but this and a few others seem fairly significant. The problem with the new M-8 is a simple fix once Harley was aware of the problem which is an oil hose pinch clamp that was not made tight enough on some of their 2017 line-up and this caused oil to run out where the hose connected to the oil cooler and some owners were unaware of the leak until the oil had run out causing the engine to over heat and freeze up. People shouldn't buy the brand, they should look for a reliable American cruiser. It belched some blue smoke every time I started it cold for the first 100 miles or so, since then it's been super. LMFAO. I have 4300 miles and have not had any problems with my M8 so far. I'm sure you have something to say. What a rip off company with their high priced shit ! Another issue I just would like to know why do some seem to have it and others do not. I thought it was the oil cooler line as well it hooks directly to the check valve . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Good luck selling a Victory or trading it in down the road. Just saying. Ok, so they had some poorly machined oil pumps. Harley will sell you junk and charge you to fix their problems and the workers will trade your good parts for their bad parts. The new Indian Motorcycles are by far the best. Victory just bit the dust. 6. You Harley haters have too much time on your hands , shut up and get a life .